Occupationists Show Underwear During Live Broadcast

What a bunch of complete idiots, acting like spoiled five-year old children who don’t even begin to understand how pathetic they look to mature people.

Remember this during this election year when you consider whether you should support a conservative candidate with your time, your money, or your vote.



  1. WXRGina says:

    These punks are pathetic and ignorant.  This is what we’re up against in the streets–Soros-Obama’s army of barely useful idiots.

  2. Maggy657 says:

    Since you like to make the connection that any bad behavior by any Occupier means they are all degenerates, here is one of your Tea Partiers. Own it. http://www.politicususa.com/tea-party-kidnapping-and-rape/

    • Bob Ellis says:

      Thank you for demonstrating once more the incredibly stark difference between the patriotic, law-abiding Tea Party and the lawless anti-American Occupy Wall Street movement.

      Did you notice how when oneTea Party member was accused of a criminal act, he was immediately removed from the Tea Party movement…while the dozen or more similar incidents in the Occupy movement have resulted in Occupationists just ignoring it or, if pressed, closing ranks around the alleged perpetrator(s)?

      Oh, did I mention one in the Tea Party movement (for which, from what I understand, there remains little or no proof beyond an accusation) versus a dozen or more in the Tea Party movement?

      I don’t believe I even mentioned the vast and uncountable drug use in the Occupy movement.

      Nor did I mention the uncountable acts of private property destruction by the Occupy movement.

      Nor did I mention the uncountable acts of taxpayer property destruction by the Occupy movement.

      Nor did I mention the uncountable incidents of general harassment of members of the public by the Occupy movement.

      Nor did I mention the many racist statements (that are documented on video) by members of the Occupy movement.

      Nor did I mention the multitude of incidents of hate, disrespect and animosity toward our nation’s laws and the members of the police who enforce those democratically enacted laws.

      Nor did I mention the multitude of calls for violence against this nation, the calls to end the American way of life, and the countless anti-American diatribes from the Occupy movement.

      But thank you for this fresh opportunity to once again point out the pure and unadulterated rot that is the Occupy movement, especially in contrast to the law-abiding patriots in the Tea Party movement.

      Have a great day!

      • Maggy657 says:

        Incidents of hate? This site has been rated as a hate site and you try to spin that as a badge of honor. Like I said, own the hate and intolerance, it’s what you are about. We might have a few hooligans, you guys are the real danger to American freedom. Christian (home schooling) Talibaners.

        • Bob Ellis says:

          Boy, you’re so good at spin, you should be a disk jockey (no offense intended, Gina).

          Considering that Dakota Voice was listed as a “hate group” by a Leftist hate group for telling the truth, you’re darn right that’s a badge of honor. A person is known by their enemies, and when this website is known as an enemy of people who seek to undermine legitimate elections, undermine our national sovereignty and immigration laws, and that seeks to maintain a lie to people about a dangerous and immoral sex practice, I couldn’t be more proud to be an enemy of such an evil group.

          I also like how you Leftists–who play the apologists for Islamic terrorism at every opportunity–call patriotic Americans who value freedom by the name of the group of Islamic thugs who harbored the 911 terrorists who slaughtered nearly 3,000 Americans.

          Too bad the Soviet Union collapsed. You could have earned a comfortable living as a propaganda artist there. I hear there are still openings in Cuba, North Korea and China, though.

      • Maggy657 says:

        Just because one Tea Party group says he was never a member does not mean he is not part of another. You folks seem to always have a couple internal wars going on due to egos and what not. Check out his web page, he is one of your own. http://www.michaelkobulnickyusa.com/

        • Bob Ellis says:

          I’ll refer you back to my original reply to you. I’ll stand the Tea Party up to the lawless, anti-American Occupy movement any day of the week and twice on Sunday–and come out smelling like fresh roses.