Obama Replaces the States on American Flag

Have you heard about the desecration of the American flag perpetrated by the Democrats in Lake County, Florida?

Seems they took an American flag and put a picture of Barack Obama over the stars in the flag.

Veterans in the area are rightly outraged (and why isn’t every other patriotic American?).

While I cannot condemn strongly enough this affront to the American flag and the principles for which it stands, this is nevertheless a “teachable moment” that should not be lost.

One of the lessons this incident has for us was pointed out by Marine Corps veteran John Masterjohn as reported by WFTV:

“Joseph Stalin, pictures of Mao, pictures of Adolph Hitler. The pomp, the ceremony — the flags like that,” Masterjohn said.

He’s right. Even the casual student of history knows that Marxist countries excel at dictator worship. Marxist thugs like to paste the image of their head thug everywhere and encourage the people to adore them. Remember how the North Koreans went nuts when commie punk Kim Jong-il died?  And when we consider how infatuated with Marxism is Barack Obama, his cabinet members, his buddies,  and Democrat leaders in general, this kind of worship for the Obamessiah is apt.

Another lesson is found in the replacement of the stars with the photo of the Obamessiah.  The stars represent the 50 states that make up the United States.  As Democrats have resoundingly proven over and over again, they hold the states in such disdain when compared to the almighty federal government that it only makes sense that they would remove them from the flag altogether. The Democrat Party has no use for the Tenth Amendment, federalism, or recognition that the states are anything more than servants who are here to take care of matters deemed too unimportant for the federal Government God to lower itself to worry about.a

Still another lesson is the specific rules regarding the American flag that were alluded to in the WFTV article. As most Americans know, the flag (which is the symbol of our country and the principles we hold dear) is not handled casually or carelessly.  Patriotic Americans ensure that it is protected, respected, displayed in a dignified manner, and is not subjected to any type of dishonor, damage or modification. Again, why such care for the American flag?  Because it stands for all we hold dear.  And the Lake County Democrats have taught us a lesson about their disdain about American and those principles which we hold dear.

While I do not in any way condone or excuse the disrespect the Lake County Democrats have shown for the American flag–and by extension, for America–I can be grateful for the lessons this incident has taught us about the Democrat Party.

Hopefully, all Americans are paying attention and will respond accordingly during this election year.


  1. dr. theo says:

    Even without going on-line to check proper flag protocol any informed and thoughtful American would have known that this wasn’t right.  The liberal socialists just don’t get our passion about God, the flag, the founding, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and all the things that we hold to be fundamental to the American way of life.

    Their passions are for centralized power, control over the masses, secular humanism, and implementation of their hair-brained ideas for social reform.  Marx, Lenin, Mao and Obama are their gods and they intend to make each and every one of us bow to them in total submission. –Over my cold, bullet riddled body.

  2. thisoldspouse says:

    Not a peep about this on Leftist websites.  I wonder why.  Could it be that they are finally feeling the very first inklings of shame?