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The Left has been busy trying to undermine the livelihood of Rush Limbaugh for crudely but aptly describing the self-admitted behavior of feminist propaganda artist Sandra Fluke. They also want everyone to think the Rush Limbaugh show is on the verge of going under.

But as is the case with pretty much everything we hear from the Left, what they say and reality are quite different.

You see, the Left understands the herd instinct very well. They know that uniformed and unintelligent people will easily go where the herd is perceived to be going. Therefore, the Left works very hard to create the impression that the herd is going in whatever direction they want it to be going. In other words, they don’t observe the evolution of public opinion, they work very hard to shape it, based on the herd instinct.

In this case, they are trying to create the impression that all of Limbaugh’s advertising sponsors are abandoning the show; their current number is an alleged 28 sponsors having jumped ship in obedience to Leftist hysteria.  They hope to create the impression (for the benefit of the herd) that the herd is running away from Limbaugh, in the hopes that this impression will lead the herd to really run away from Limbaugh.

However, as Limbaugh explained on his show this morning, advertisers come and go constantly.  Of course, because of the faux furor the Left created because Limbaugh referred to a woman who publicly claimed to be having enough sex to warrant $1,000 a year in contraception as a “slut,” and because a few of his advertisers were in fact gutless enough to ask “How high?” when the Left told them to jump, liberals hope to capitalize on the regular ebb and flow of advertising to create a false impression.

In actuality, as Limbaugh says, even losing the number of sponsors the propaganda artists on the Left claim would be like losing a couple of fries out of your combo meal.

Woodrow Wilcox


After all, most businesses know that (a) the Rush Limbaugh show provides a tremendous market for their products, and (b) this faux controversy over a woman who is trying to subvert religious freedom is a load of bunk.

Meanwhile, the cowards who have jumped ship on the Rush Limbaugh show have only hurt themselves.


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  • retiredday

    An interesting sidebar on this issue is that Limbaugh has never had any trouble finding sponsors.  Just the opposite is true.  Some sponsors can trace dramatic increases in business directly to their advertising with Rush.

  • chris1616

    Limbaugh won’t have any trouble with sponsors as long as there are cash loans, refinance scams, cheap garage doors and Newt willing to advertisers during his show. Sponsors that respect their brand and have weighted dittoheads vs women as valuable consumers will pick women and move their advertising dollars to less toxic timeslots. It’s all about money.

    • Most sponsors aren’t stupid enough to believe such Leftist propaganda. Some of them, however, are cowards who fear Leftist propaganda artists and would rather avoid the heat the tyrants on the Left would bring to bear.

    • thisoldspouse

       Maybe Rush can take on the unscrupulous sponsors of gutter shows featuring degenerates like Ed Schultz, Bill Maher, and Rachel Maddow.  Rush would seem like a breath of fresh air compared to these vile, sexist, immoral animals.

  • Ship Rider

    What hypocrisy! Yes Rush crossed the line and apologized! And yep, Carbonite has the right to advertise where it wants! To bad their standard is not the same for the pathetic example of humanity that ED SCHULTZ represents! MOSEY PRO now will get my business because I TOO have the right to select another company! So long Carbonite, you will not get another cent from this family! Oh by the way, PRO FLOWER will also not get a cent! Conservatives, it is finally time to fight back against this deliberate attempt to silence viewpoints lefty’s don’t agree with! RUSH, hang in there, you rule!