And The Left Complains About Limbaugh…?

Bill Maher talking about Hillary Clinton's genitals

Bill Maher talking about Hillary Clinton's genitals

Even the milquetoast Weekly Standard can see through this trumped-up GOP fluke about Fluke.

Behold the Double Standard. People my age will recall our Civics Classes discussions. How proudly our Liberal teachers in High School would quote the well-known French revolutionary and libertine, Voltaire:

“I may disagree with what you have to say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”

Most anyone in High School after, say 1970, and almost certainly after 1980 did not have a Civics Course. Rather they studied an adulterated ideology consisting of New Deal and Great Society New-Speak about the expanding role of an all-beneficent Government. It was called “Contemporary Issues” or something equally inane! A possible, if not probable response from just such an “educated” Liberal colleague might be:

“What? … a class on Civics? What’s Civics? I never had a Civics Course … who cares?. Just give Fluke her contraceptives and let’s move on. So what if Maher uses bad language; it’s just words … but Rush Limbaugh really hates women.”

So let’s try Bill Maher on for size. He started off a “Liberal humorist” like Liberal show hosts Colbert and Stewart claim to be. But Bill Maher has “evolved.” He now curses, mocks, slanders, and uses language unfit for the pig sty much less a public audience to describe his “enemies.” What does this say about what we are becoming? Unfortunately, most Liberals [75% or more?] will laugh at Maher’s base comments and encourage this arrogant, uncouth specimen in his incendiary, anti-religious, vulgar rants. Maher is not unique. We have seen David Letterman use the same tactics, and also have heard Ed Schultz ranting on MSNBC. Now, even Jon Stewart tries to get away with it occasionally by calling it “satire.” This kind of behavior has gone a long way to defining and shaping the coarse and un-gentlemanly and un-ladylike behaviors of today.

So … can we cut to the chase here? Let’s quit winking at and overlooking the sins of the Progressive side. Call them to account for this behavior. These men are repeat offenders and do not deserve a “Free Pass.” The true misogynist-pigs, Ladies and Gentlemen, are these select “media performers” on the Left whose comments might be better suited to the bars, dives, off-Beltway, or LA strip-clubs. These guys routinely disrespect women without uproar. In fact, their mixed male and female studio audiences laugh perfunctorily if not in agreement. If these guys, Maher and his ilk, are who you want defending the abortion “choice” and contraceptive life-style, then go for it. There are also a few Progressive women out there, so this coarseness is not uniquely male. If it is “rough” you like, it is “rough” you will find, and “rough” you will get.

I believe that the term in the psycho-babble world for what the Liberal-Progressive Media is doing to Rush is “projection.” Projection is deliberately labeling and name-calling the other side what you yourself are in order to draw attention away from or to justify yourself. So, behold the double-standard. Rush made a stupid choice of words in his flippancy. He has apologized. That apology was not accepted. Bill Maher never apologizes. He does not want to give an apology and he does not seek forgiveness. Teaching Point: The Left seeks to demonize and rid the airwaves of Conservative points of view and Conservative talk shows. Getting rid of Rush Limbaugh is their dream goal. Such is the Liberal idea of the Fairness Doctrine and how to apply it. If Rush were gone, they would soon attack the rest.

As for me, I prefer a world [and especially an America] where women are Ladies and men are Gentlemen and they treat each other with respect This would be a necessary step in the restoration of civility in America. But the undeniable first step must be the defeat of Barack Obama and his Progressive ideology in November. And by the way, President Obama, send back to Bill Maher his million dollar donation to your political PAC as a good faith gesture.

Hmmm … I wonder how many Liberals will rush to my side now and say:

“I may disagree with what you have to say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”


  1. Janeandtom says:

    As usual, Bill has hit-the-nail -on-the-head AGAIN. In Rush’s case — the 1st Ammendment comes immediately to mind! Rush may have been rash and not have thought through what he was saying, but he has the unalienable right to say it. The “S” word was common on campus, when I was in college, when refering to promiscuous coeds who even went so far as to provide their partners with condoms (the “pill” wasn’t available back then!). I guess what I’m trying to say is that there is truth in what Rush said and PC be dammed!!! I have never heard a word in the main slime media about statements about M. Malkin, L. Ingle, S. Palin. There were a couple of “whispered” apologies along the way, but heard only on FOX, where EVERYTHING is covered!
    Stay on it Bill, I’m with you!!!    Tom Martin