Left’s War on Rush is No Fluke as Advertisers Flee

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Sandra Fluke

Sandra Fluke

The people of the radical Left in our nation are engaged in an aggressive, deliberate assault on our freedom of speech, our freedom to call them out and expose the awful truth of their communist agenda.  They would love nothing more than to silence us, to stop our ability to shine the light of truth on their evil schemes to rob the American people of our God-given freedoms, our money, and our way of life, which is what communism is about.

As part of this war against us, in the past week we have seen members of the radical, communist Left whip themselves into a vicious frenzy at America’s top conservative talk radio commentator, Rush Limbaugh, and it is no accident—no fluke, you might say.  By now you have heard the story.  Rush called the feminist activist, Sandra Fluke, a slut and a prostitute for the nature of her testimony before a Democrat mock hearing in Washington (apparently her name is not pronounced as it is spelled, but since it supposedly rhymes with “duck,” I’ll just stay safe here on the radio and pronounce it the way it looks).  Rush has since apologized to her for his choice of words.

Sandra Fluke was praising and defending Obama’s illegal, unconstitutional dictate that contraceptive coverage (which includes abortion-inducing drugs) be made mandatory in health care policies, even if an organization has moral and religious objections to it.  Rush correctly pointed out the absurdity of the Left’s notion that American citizens should be required to foot the bill for horn-dog college kids’ recreational sex.  He is absolutely right in that.

However, one significant problem with Rush’s pronouncements about Fluke is that he framed his analysis in the terms of her own personal sexual behavior.  In her testimony, she did not speak of her own behavior or desire to engage in unaccountable sex with contraceptives paid for by others.  Instead, she claimed to be speaking on behalf of many other college girls who want “free” contraceptives for various reasons.

Naturally, she downplayed the main reason these unmarried college girls take contraceptives, which is to be able to rut like goats and avoid pregnancy.  Instead, she highlighted girls she claims have disorders, such as polycystic ovarian syndrome, who take contraceptives to prevent the growth of cysts.  While such cases surely exist, that is not anywhere near the reason the vast majority of women and girls take contraceptives, and we all know it!

She presented typical leftist lies and spin throughout her testimony including,

“We are all grateful for the new regulation that will meet the critical health care needs of so many women. Simultaneously, the recently announced adjustment addresses any potential conflict with the religious identity of Catholic and Jesuit institutions.”

Obama’s dictatorial “adjustment” does no such thing!  First of all, he does not have the authority to spit on our God-given freedom of conscience and religion, nor does he have the authority to dictate what private insurance companies must cover.  Secondly, it does not address any potential conflict, because it is not a solution to the terrible mandate that leaders of religious institutions violate their consciences, because their insurance companies providing the abortion drugs and contraceptives still means the religious institutions are providing these things by proxy.  No dice, Fluke!

She also said,

“You might respond that contraception is accessible in lots of other ways. Unfortunately, that’s not true.”

That is such a ridiculous statement that it hardly warrants a rebuttal, but I will offer a quick, easy, affordable and very accessible one: walmart.com.

Sandra Fluke is a radical feminist activist who is a sterling example of what our government-run public schools produce today—little communist automatons who are clueless about, or even hostile to, the true freedoms with which this Judeo-Christian foundation nation has richly blessed them.  They have been miseducated about the United States and the blessings of liberty and prosperity the capitalist system of our country have provided.  They do not even understand the deadly tyranny which they stupidly work to bring about.

Bob Ellis, owner and editor of AmericanClarion.com nicely summed up Sandra Fluke when he wrote,

“This woman is no victim.  She is a feminist agent who seeks to force others to bend to her will and to her low level of moral decadence. She is contemptuous of the moral fabric of our society, contemptuous of the U.S. Constitution, and contemptuous of the religious convictions of others. She seeks to leverage the power of government force to compel others to give her things she has not earned, in violation of the convictions of her victims.  Someone who demonstrates such hostility and venom for the rights and freedoms of others is a contemptible person.  She, not Rush Limbaugh, is the individual who should be held in utter disdain by our leaders, the media, and society in general…were there much of a moral fiber left in our society.”

Exactly right—if morality and decency were not already dead in the “mainstream” of America, Sandra Fluke would be viewed as a shameless shill for immorality, and certainly not someone to praise, as the Demonrats are doing.

This whole contraceptive business is a total ruse by the communist Left.  It is not about “women’s health.”  This is about a full-frontal assault on Americans’ fundamental freedoms of conscience and religion, and it’s about an out-of-control man in the presidency who is illegally dictating things he has no authority to do, in this case, spitting on our God-given, First Amendment-protected freedom of religion.  He can’t do that!  Nor can he compel private insurance companies to cover products which they do not choose to cover.

This is also about a strong-arm campaign to silence powerful voices on the Right, and by extension, all of us.  After Rush called Sandra Fluke a slut, the Left went into high gear with a targeting of his show’s advertisers, and several of them immediately bowed to the contrived pressure.  Who knows how many paid activists were involved in phoning and e-mailing those companies?  I would wager that there were many.

Let’s talk for a moment about this reaction by the advertisers.  Who are these advertisers?  As of this writing, the list includes, Sleep Train, Sleep Number, Legal Zoom, Citrix, Quicken Loans, Carbonite and Pro Flowers.

First, I want to tell you that I have always been suspicious of Carbonite.  If you are a regular listener to this station, then you know that Carbonite is an online computer back-up service.  In other words, when you sign up and give them your money, they invade your computer and copy all your files, all your personal information, pictures, whatever is on your hard drive.  Shoot, you don’t even have to pay them at first.  That 30-day free trial is all they need to capture your files, whether you end up taking the service or not.  You could not beat me to make me use such a “service.”

When I first heard the ads for Carbonite, I wondered who was behind it.  My fertile imagination could easily see the communist Democrats in our government, or their lackeys, creating such a company in order to keep very close tabs on the millions of conservatives who oppose their agenda.  Carbonite also advertises on left-wing programs, but as I see it, the more data mining, the merrier, and of course, the more money made, the merrier, as well.

Well, guess what!  According to some valuable research done by former Reagan White House political director and author, Jeffrey Lord, I was right to be suspicious of who is behind Carbonite.  In his must-read report titled “Rally for Rush,” he uncovers Carbonite CEO David Friend’s ties to hardcore leftist groups.

Mr. Lord writes,

“Take a look here at this link to Bloomberg/Business Week which profiles Mr. Friend and affirms him as ‘General Partner’ of an investment group called ‘Orchid Partners’ in Boston, Massachusetts. And Orchid Partners? Yes indeed, they are the venture capital firm behind… Carbonite.

Where Mr. Friend is listed as ‘Co-Founder, Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President.’


So when you cross check Mr. David Friend of Orchid Partners in Boston with the Federal Election Commission, one finds — ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh shocker!……… that a Mr. David Friend of Orchid Partners in Boston has been a contributor to… ready? Here’s the list of just where David Friend spends his political money:

MoveOn.org, America Coming Together and Democracy for America, all three listed [at Discover the Networks] as George Soros funded groups, the latter set up by Howard Dean.  Texans for Truth also drew Mr. Friend’s support. This group, according to Wikipedia, was set up by MoveOn.org spin-off Drive Democracy.org in 2004. Why? To… wait for it… challenge then-President Bush’s service in the Texas National Guard. The precise same stunt for which CBS fired Dan Rather after documents were discovered to have been forged. The Bush-Cheney campaign said of Texans for Truth that it was ‘a smear group launching baseless attacks on behalf of John Kerry’s campaign that will be rejected by the American people.’ They were. But that didn’t quench Mr. Friend’s affection for either the smear campaign or supporting leftist candidates such as Howard Dean, and John Kerry.”

There you go.  Carbonite is run by a leftist, and now Carbonite has pulled advertising from Rush’s show, but not before capturing copies of the files on who-knows-how-many millions of computers of Rush listeners.

Another point that I have known for quite a while now is that Pro Flowers—which is a sister company of Shari’s Berries, Cherry Moon Farms, Pro Plants, Red Envelope and Personal Creations—was founded by the radical homosexual activist Jared Polis, a United States congressman from Colorado.  Two years ago, I wrote about his attempts to push legislation for homosexual indoctrination in our nation’s public schools.

The advertisers who turned tail and fled Rush’s program have every right to do so.  They make their own choices in how they do business and with whom they place their advertising money.  I believe they are making a very big mistake in dropping Rush, because Rush’s listeners are fiercely loyal—they love Rush—and I have no doubt this is going to hurt these advertisers’ bottom line in a quick and noticeable way.

Whether the advertisers realize it or not, they were the targets of an organized campaign of communist Democrat operatives who bombarded them with “angry,” anti-Rush phone calls and emails.  Can I prove this?  No.  But as Jeffrey Lord notes in his “Rally for Rush” column, Media Matters and other leftists groups have admitted to, and bragged about, targeting the advertisers of certain talk show hosts and succeeding in getting them thrown off the air.  We’re talking about paid, activist operatives—actors, basically—not average Americans feeling compelled to call up a company to voice their opinions.

Leftists are in the minority.  Only about 20 percent of Americans surveyed by Gallup identified themselves as liberal.  We greatly outnumber the radical Left in this nation, and Rush’s fair-weather advertisers will come to learn this.

Meanwhile, we will stand with Rush, and we will drop those cowardly advertisers who dropped him.  We will continue to expose the charlatans on the Left who are trying to create a false “war on women” which only exists in their lying sound bites.  We know what this is really about; it is about trying to distract from a tyrannical usurpation of our freedom of religion by the power-mad man in the White House, and the despicable attempts to steal our freedom of speech and silence our most beloved voices on talk radio.  We must not let them succeed.


  1. Jdragonflylady2000 says:

    I hope there is an end in sight to what this thug sitting in our White House is trying to do! He is chipping away, little by little, our freedoms. What I just flat fail to understand is why in the world the left cannot see what this will do to their world, as they know it and their children’s world.
    I’m praying for a “Real” President again. You know, one like Reagan or close would work.
    Hopefully God will open some eyes and in November things will begin to look somewhat like America again. 
    Gina, you have a blessed day and keep up the great work! 
    God Bless you and American Clarion!

  2. SDYankeeGirl says:

    You are correct, Rush listeners are fiercely loyal. We dropped Carbonite last night and are changing our plans to buy a Sleep Number bed. My husband has used ProFlowers to send me flowers, but never again. I stand with Rush and will demonstrate that loyalty by boycotting advertisers who turned tail and ran.

  3. thisoldspouse says:

    A flower company founded by a homosexual.  Imagine that.

  4. thisoldspouse says:

    “Only about 20 percent of Americans surveyed by Gallup
    identified themselves as liberal.  We greatly outnumber the radical
    Left in this nation, and Rush’s fair-weather advertisers will come to
    learn this.”

    I’ve heard this number too, many times, and the number seems to be remaining remarkably static over the past few decades.  But if you add in the liberal-like “Libertarians,” who strongly profess to “conservatism” but are really just liberals without the rules, you get a more alarming number – still well less than 50%, though.

    The absolutely astounding wonder of this age to me, though, is the number of old-time “Roosevelt” Democrats who, while being personally conservative, blindly refuse to recognize that their Party has completely morphed into exactly what we fought against in WWII.  An ex-landlord was of this mindset; willfully believing provable lies and stubbornly refusing to see that his party was now the Party of Perversion, homosexuality, infanticide, corruption and immorality.  There are whole states filled with these types, notably Massachusetts and California.

  5. Theignorantfishermen says:

    Gina, Awesome!! I was hoping that you would write on this! Bull’s eye my sister!!


  6. retiredday says:

    Gina, this is a powerful article, demonstrating once more that the pen is mightier than the sword! I too will boycott those fair weather advertisers.  The only thing I am concerned about — and I would have thought that Rush already understood this — is that the top-rated talk show host chose to use words that he later apologized for.  When that happens you lose credibility.  Words are his bread and butter.  I’m tired of our culture of prominent individuals who get into trouble for something they say, then try to take it back.  We all make mistakes, but this pattern has become all too common among those who would hold the public trust.  I want leaders who say what they mean, then stand behind their words, instead of apologizing because someone who fits the shoe is offended.  So if you say it, mean it and don’t take it back.  We can’t let the riff-raff like Fluke get us down.   

    • WXRGina says:

      I agree, Mike! I was so disappointed when I read that Rush apologized for his “choice of words.” I know we all say things we shouldn’t say sometimes, but he said what he meant at that time. He posed the question, and then he paused, one beat, two beats, and then he said it–he had thought it through, what he was about to say. There are certainly less “edgy” descriptions of loose women that he could have used, but he was right about her purpose in front of that mock hearing–it was a devilish purpose! She is a useful tool to the communist Left.

  7. Michel Ouellette says:

    Watching their stock prices drop like a rock. 

  8. Cherieqnn says:

    thank you had no idea! please tell me Glenn Beck knows about this! Love your commentary

  9. Maggy657 says:

    It sounds like you want to run on the anti sex for single people platform. Politically speaking you have a death wish. Your morals are not America’s. America is more liberal than you think. The word has been vilified. It polls poorly. If you poll specific things you see a different thing. Such as, Social Security and Medicare are very popular. Even single payer health care is getting up there. What is polling badly these days is “tea party”

    • Bob Ellis says:

      It sounds like you’re incapable of doing anything except parroting Leftist caricatures and propaganda, since any rational person understands that the conservative position on this issue isn’t “anti-sex” but rather pro-freedom.

      Further, even most Americans now realize we can’t continue throwing money down the socialist hole of Social Security and Medicare, that fundamental change is needed. What’s more, Opposition to ObamaCare (which is only a stepping-stone to full-blown socialist health care) has only grown since this unconstitutional anti-American monstrosity was passed. The silver lining in ObamaCare has been the opportunity to educate the American people on specifically why government health care always has been and always will be a bad idea.

  10. Bob Ellis says:

    Reagan acquiesced to some tax increases during his tenure as president at a time when Democrats controlled congress most of the time. The fact that he was able to use the bully pulpit to lower tax rates from their astronomical and confiscatory rates to relative sanity is a not-so-minor miracle in itself.  Intelligent students of history understand this, while Leftists like yourself seek only to mislead.

    I’ve been taking note of your constant Leftist propaganda for several days, Maggy657, and honestly, I don’t have time for it.  This website is not an outlet for anti-American Leftists to “be heard” or to get your corrosive message out.  Unless you are able to bring some substantive and compelling information to your comments against everything that makes America great, I may have to start rejecting your propaganda altogether.  I won’t allow error to stand unchallenged and potentially mislead some uninformed soul who might wander by and be misled by your deception, and I simply don’t have time to correct all of your lies.  

  11. Veldy says:

    Not really.  Most of us were waiting for King Urkel to mandate insurance plans to pay for them.