Monumental Movie About a Monumental Nation

In an age where our national debt is north of $15 TRILLION, when we are spending more than $1.5 TRILLION every year that we don’t have, when we see the Constitution trampled under the bureaucratic nightmare known as ObamaCare, when we see even religious freedom viciously attacked by those on the Left including our elected officials, then we know without a doubt that our American republic and all its blessings now hang by a thread.

I’ve noticed it, you’ve noticed it, and so have many others. There is a sizable contingent within our great nation who are eager to suck the life out of our country and consume it upon the altar of their own lusts. They have no regard for tomorrow, and they have no regard for anyone else today. They are only concerned with squeezing the life-blood out of the heart of liberty to consume in frenetic hedonism.

How could a people be so incredibly blind to the source of our blessings?  How could a people be so callous to the fragile nature of all we hold so dear?

These questions are why Kirk Cameron has gone on a journey of discovery to find out what, as he says, is “sick in the soul of our country.”

Some will not listen to the lessons in Monumental.  They don’t want to know the truth. They are Hell-bent on feeding their own lusts, and knowledge would only impede that.

But there are many others who have been misled, who simply don’t know, who are open to the truth when exposed to it. This film is for them, and for those of us who have already awakened to the truth.

Can the decline and fall of the American republic be stopped and reversed? Time will tell, and it’s up to YOU to determine the answer.

Kirk Cameron on GBTV

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