Correcting the Vice President’s Lies

Vice President Joe Biden

Vice President Joe Biden

In our modern day and age when the “mainstream” media–once known as an independent organization dedicated to providing factual information to the public–is nothing more than a zealous propaganda mouthpiece for Marxist elements in our government, it falls to completely separate third party organizations to cut through the bilge of the lies foisted upon us continually by the bureaucrats, apparatchiks and professional fibbers.

Thankfully, the Heritage Foundation is one such organization we can count on to correct the lies being told to us by those who were ostensibly elected to represent us.

Case in point is Vice President Joe Biden who continues to promote the lie at the Obama Administration really cares about religious freedom.

Biden recently claimed that the Obama Administration had “fixed” their first ham-fisted effort to force morally questionable practices on religious organizations via ObamaCare.  But that is a lie.

As Sarah Torre of the Heritage Foundation points out, if you are fined for exercising your religious convictions, you don’t have religious freedom. Instead, you have tyranny.

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