Judge Excuses Violence by a Muslim Against an Atheist

Mohammed caricature

Mohammed caricature by Pennsylvania atheists

Many Americans have been worried about the encroachment of Islamic Shariah law in the United States for some time now.

After all, Islam continues to march across the globe elsewhere. In many places in Europe–including the Netherlands, France and Great Britain–it seems Western culture may be in its death throes before the sword of Islam.

This process seems to have already started here in the United States. Muslim honor killings are going on, and sometimes there seems to be political pressure to sweep it under the rug. Some people–including President Barack Obama–are defending the construction of a Ground Zero Victory Mosque in New York City near the site where Muslim terrorists slaughtered nearly 3,000 Americans on 911. In Dearborn, Michigan–home to the Islamic Center of America–it seems Muslims have the run of the town, often at the expense of the rights of Christians and others.

Further, according to a 635-page report released last year, Shariah is also creeping into our court system.

But after hearing this news report, it seems we may not have to wait for Shariah to be officially embraced before our court system across America throws the liberties of Americans at the feet of Islam in appeasement.

When atheists protested religion in general in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania (they mocked Christianity as well as Islam), a Muslim man assaulted the atheist.  The police officer who arrested the perpetrator was sure he had a solid case of assault against the Muslim perpetrator…until District “Judge” Mark Martin threw the case out after openly sympathizing with the violent behavior of the Muslim.

Woodrow Wilcox


Anyone who knows me knows that you will not find anyone who disagrees with atheism more strongly than I.  Yet the atheist who was assaulted was exercising his First Amendment right of free speech, and he was criminally assaulted.  I don’t like the atheist’s mockery, but it is his God-given, Constitutional right to express his opinion, and disagreement with his opinion certainly doesn’t entitle ANYONE to perpetrate violence upon him.

Yet this idiot judge refused to protect the First Amendment right of this atheist, and refused to afford him equal protection and redress under the law.



This kind of inexcusable behavior from someone who calls themselves a judge should result in swift impeachment, recall or whatever legal option is available to remove this contemptuous judge from office.

It should also serve as a warning to us all, especially those who don’t take the threat of Shariah seriously.

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