Gingrich Slams Obama, Media Bias Double Standard

I can’t support Newt Gingrich for president with a wishy-washy record like his, but he deserves credit where credit is due.  He is very good at keeping the focus where it belongs (on President Obama, and on the media lapdogs who support him) and defending even his fellow Republican competitors in the face of the real and greater threat.

During last night’s debate (thank God, is this really the last one?), Gingrich pointed out that the “mainstream” media’s hysteria over contraception and Rick Santorum’s personal opinion of it is laughably hypocritical, especially when you consider that the “mainstream” media just didn’t want to know when it came to Barack Obama’s vociferous support of infanticide in 2008.

No, unless you were following the election very closely in 2008, you probably never even heard about Illinois State Senator Barack Obama’s vehement support of infanticide.

Did you know that sometimes children survive attempts to kill them in their mother’s womb?  Yes, they do. In fact, one such survivor is now a speaker on the pro-life circuit.

You would think that, even if a person could bring themselves to kill an innocent human being in the womb, so long as they didn’t have to face their victim, at least once that child was outside the womb staring them in the face, they would be able to summon the decency to protect the child’s life.

Not Barack Obama.  And not the killers he supported during his time in the Illinois Senate.

Obama argued vehemently against legislation that would have forced care givers (notice the irony there?) to render life-saving aid to a child who survived an abortion attempt. You see, many children who survive attempts to kill them in the womb are simply put aside–often in a broom closet or such–and left there to slowly die.

Sound barbaric?  Sound brutally cold?  It should.

Yet the man sitting in the White House strongly supported this callous, inhuman treatment of innocent human life.

And the “watchdog” media?  They didn’t want to know in 2008. They still don’t want to know.

But given an opportunity to mock and ridicule someone for placing value on innocent human life?  They’re there with bells on.

Thanks, Newt, for standing with Santorum on this issue and for once again exposing these Leftist propaganda artists who try to pass themselves off as journalists.


  1. charliewalksonwater says:

    Newt?  Romney?  Santorum?  wRONg Paul?

    Newt has highs and lows.   This was a peak moment.  Willard scored well, Rick couldnt fight back effectively, wRONg Paul is a good libertarian.  I still stand by Newt.

    If there is another debate, I would ask that Chuck Woolery host it.

  2. CountryGirl says:

    I recognized immediately that the candidates were being set up for a pissing contest with the opening debate “questions”, and the knuckle-heads took the bait. So frustrating!