Voting Republican in South Dakota Doesn’t Protect Freedom Anymore

Are you one of those poor folks who are scratching your head trying to figure out why the “Republican” leadership in Pierre doesn’t really seem too serious about stopping the implementation of PPACA (Obama-care) in South Dakota ?

If so, then we suggest you check out this list of South Dakota legislators and at least one prominent executive branch employee who received campaign money from a Political Action Committee controlled by the American Hospital Association (A.H.A) known as the SOUTH DAKOTA ASSOCIATION OF HEALTHCARE ORGANIZATIONS  (SDHOA).

In fact, here’s a small excerpt from that campaign finance report:

According to a Jan. 3, 2011 article in the Weekly Standard:

“The A.H.A supported Obama-care in exchange for certain concessions.”  One of the most well-known concessions is “a provision in Section 6001 of the health-care bill that bans new physician-owned hospitals from starting up, and keeps existing ones from expanding.”

Stated differently, this provision helps guarantee that any current A.H.A. – affiliated hospitals will be able to operate in the future without any worries about additional competition coming from hospitals owned by physicians.

Can you say “Crony Capitalism”?  You’d better believe it.

But if that weren’t bad enough, here’s where the story gets even worse:

This campaign finance report shows that no less than 15 members of the South Dakota State Senate and 34 members of the South Dakota House received money from  the  Political Action Committee of this Pro-Obama-care organization.

In fact, the A.H.A. – an organization which has a VESTED INTEREST in seeing Obama-care stay intact, spent over $40,000 dollars funding  South Dakota legislative candidates in the 2010 election cycle.   Here’s a breakdown by party:

As you can see, the A.H.A. spent over 82% of their PAC money to fund incumbents who were the most likely to already be in positions of authority in Pierre.  Among those receiving PAC money from the A.H.A  were the governor and many members of both the Republican and Democrat leadership in the House and the Senate including:

Gov. Dennis Daugaard – ($ 7,500.00), Val Rausch –Speaker of the House (R) ( $ 1000.00),

Senate Majority Whip Tim Rave (R) ($ 1500.00), Russ Olson – Senate Majority Leader (R ) –  ($ 750.00),

Bernie Hunhoff (D)- House Minority Leader ( $1000.00), David Lust– House Majority Leader (R) ($500.00)

Senate President Pro- Tem- Bob Gray (R) ($ 500.00), House Asst. Majority Leader Justin Cronin (R) ($ 500.00), and  House Speaker Pro-Tem:- Brian Gosch (R) ( $ 250.00)

What is the “bottom line” now that we know about this money that was spread around by the Pro-Obama-care  SDHOA PAC  to help pave the way for government-controlled health-care in South Dakota ?

To summarize, we now have 35 Republican and 13 Democrat legislators who received money from this Pro-Obama-care PAC who are now current members of the South Dakota House and Senate.  This number includes almost ALL the members of House and Senate leadership in BOTH parties.

It is now becoming apparent to us that our governor and state representatives are selling the control of our personal health-care choices to big government and its crony-capitalist friends.

They are doing so in exchange for campaign money from a deep-pocketed special interest group that is seeking to enrich their health-care businesses at tax-payer expense– while at the same time protecting themselves from competition with help from their friends and cronies in both our national and state governments.

So now comes the difficult question:  Now that we know the severity of the problem, what can we do to correct it ?

Here are some suggestions to get you started :

1.  See if your current senator or representative is on the list and if they are—DON’T SEND THEM ANY MORE MONEY !!

2.  See if your current senator or representative has someone challenging them in the primary. If they don’t, then volunteer to be a candidate or encourage an anti-Obama-care candidate to run against them in the primary.

3.  Donate money to candidates who are running AGAINST the “Pro-Obama-care” candidate in your district and other districts across the state.

4.  Inform your current representatives in Pierre that you are disappointed and disgusted with their acceptance of campaign money from “Pro-Obama-care” organizations and urge them to give the money back.

5. Inform your current representatives that you fully expect them to support a FULL REPEAL of SB 38 and SB 43 in the current legislative session, or at the very least, pass a provision to be added to each bill that would repeal the provisions of SB 38 and SB 43 if even just the “individual mandate” portion of Obama-care is declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court.

^ Note: (The House actually VOTED DOWN on a vote of 53-16 an amendment to HB 1220 offered by Rep. Lance Russell that would have stopped the implementation of Obama-care in S.D. if even PART of the law is declared unconstitutional.) 

You can view the offered amendment online at:

Here is the House Journal summary of the amendment to HB 1220 offered by Rep. Lance Russell:

Rep. Russell moved that HB 1220 be amended as follows:

On page 1, line 10, of the printed bill, after “entirety” insert “or in part”.   A roll call vote was requested and supported.

The question being on Rep. Russell’s motion that HB 1220 be amended.

And the roll being called:  Yeas 16, Nays 53, Excused 1, Absent 0     Yeas: Greenfield; Haggar; Hansen (Jon); Hickey; Hubbel; Jensen; Kopp; Liss; Miller; Nelson (Stace); Olson (Betty); Russell; Steele; Tornow; Venner; Verchio


  1. This just figures.  Many of our so-called Republican conservatives are NOT conservative, nor do they act in the best interest of SD.  They are acting only on what serves THEM the best $$ wise.  Time to clean HOUSE and SENATE again. 

  2. Steve says:

    Bought politicians just like in D.C.  Just a smaller scale.