Homosexual “Diversity” Knife Cuts Both Ways

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If it were not so terribly sad and disgusting, it might be just a bit humorous.  But, there is no humor in the radical homosexual movement and its treatment of those who oppose its agenda.  That fact was once again illustrated quite clearly recently in the Montgomery County, Maryland School District when the blatant hypocrisy of leftist radicals was on display.  What might be ironically humorous if it were not so rotten is that the tables were turned on those who demand fair and unbiased treatment for all sexual deviants, but whose desire for fairness suddenly disappears when they are presented with the demand for equal treatment of those with whom they disagree.  They are hypocrites in the truest fashion.

The advocacy group Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays and Gays (PFOX) had taken advantage of a service offered by the school district which allows groups to hand out flyers to students on occasion.  They had distributed flyers containing information to help students who may be dealing with unwanted same-sex attractions.  The flyers spoke against name-calling and encouraged tolerance for former homosexuals.  But, those flyers caused the school district’s superintendent, Joshua Starr, to become outraged, and he let loose with a verbal assault against the information contained in the flyers.

WND’s Bob Unruh reported on Tuesday that students at a public forum had asked Mr. Starr about the flyers,

“… [Superintendent] Joshua Starr told students that a flyer sent home by an advocacy organization supporting those who have chosen to leave the homosexual lifestyle contained information that was ‘really, really disgusting.’

… Starr’s response was that the flyers are ‘reprehensible and deplorable,’ according to a report in the Washington Post. The Washington Examiner quoted Starr blasting PFOX.

‘We can’t really do much about it unless we wanted to cut off all flyer distribution, which is an option,’ he said. ‘This group has figured out how to use that law to spread what I find to be a really, really disgusting message, frankly.'”

Perhaps Mr. Starr did not consider that the “diversity” knife cuts both ways.  You can see by his inordinately hostile reaction that, just like every leftist radical, his knee-jerk response is to want to silence the speech of those with whom he disagrees.  In this case, he does not just disagree; he has a vitriolic, visceral reaction to the message that homosexuals can and do choose to leave that degenerate, dead-end lifestyle.

According to his short biographical entry on the school district’s website, Joshua Starr is married with children, but he certainly appears to be a hardcore advocate for the militant homosexual movement.  The members of the radical homosexual movement detest any message that tells them they can escape from homosexuality.  They despise hearing that their behavior is not genetic, as they desperately wish it were, because if it were innate, then they would have an excuse to do what they choose to do.  When they see testimonies from former homosexuals who have left that lifestyle behind, they become enraged and react just like Mr. Starr, with vicious venom.

For him to declare the message of liberation from homosexuality to be “really, really disgusting,” “reprehensible and deplorable” makes him sound like a lunatic.  The hellish forces in this world are feverishly pushing the abominable homosexual agenda on the people of the world, and their campaign in the United States has reached a frenzy under the regime of this truly deplorable man, Barack Obama (or whatever his name is).  These people cannot stand for the truth about homosexuality to be told.

The members of PFOX are fighting back against this unjust treatment at the hands of a school district that demands fair treatment for everyone, regardless of their sexual orientation—or, more correctly—their disorientation.

As Bob Unruh reported,

“PFOX officials suggested that the board of education should reprimand Starr for violating the district’s nondiscrimination policy.

‘We call on the Montgomery County Board of Education to enforce its nondiscrimination policy and censure Starr immediately,’ said Regina Griggs, executive director of PFOX. ‘The policy mandates that schools provide ‘an atmosphere where differences are understood and appreciated, and where all persons are treated fairly and with respect in an environment free of discrimination and … abuse.’ Clearly Superintendent Starr has violated the board’s policy.’

She continued, ‘Starr’s verbal abuse, disrespectful behavior, and slurs against the ex-gay community amount to hate and illegal sexual orientation discrimination, which are all forbidden by the policy.’

… She noted the district nondiscrimination policy also requires training for students and staff to ensure its implementation.

‘Starr’s flagrant violation of the policy demonstrates that all tolerance training and diversity education must include ex-gays, which is the only sexual orientation discriminated against in Montgomery County Public Schools. Its ‘Respect for Differences in Human Sexuality’ lessons promote tolerance of gays, bisexuals, transgenders, cross-dressers and the intersexed, yet fail to include ex-gays, which explains the appalling lack of respect for former homosexuals. The board must act immediately to remedy this blatant discrimination and include ex-gays,’ Griggs said.”

Without threat of—or actual—legal action against the school district, I doubt the school board will reprimand Joshua Starr, especially since, as Bob Unruh reported, a representative for the school board has already said Mr. Starr’s slurs are not an “issue.”  Oh, but Mr. Starr’s slurs are very much an issue, and his words are indefensible, in light of the district’s nondiscrimination policy.  Plus his words give the lie to the radical Left’s claim to want fair treatment for all people.  It simply is not true, and they can’t have it both ways.  They can’t sit there and demand that we all accept their perverse idea of “diversity” with respectful treatment of all sexual deviants, while they refuse to respect diverse worldviews with which they disagree.

Need I also point out that this is happening in our public schools?  We’re talking about a government-run public school superintendent who is fully on-board with the radical homosexual movement and who is pushing that message to the kids in that district.  These people have invaded our schools, and they are shoving the abominable homosexual lifestyle message on our kids from the very youngest ages.  That is what is truly reprehensible, Mr. Starr!

For him to sit there with his drawers in a wad because of the message of freedom from homosexuality is despicable.  He apparently does not want to face the uncomfortable fact that homosexuality is a powerful, physical and spiritual addiction which can be broken.

One very powerful witness to this fact is Mr. Walt Heyer.  His amazing story is one that homosexual radicals do not want to hear.

From the website of his book Trading My Sorrows, he writes,

“Over 20 years ago, I underwent sex reassignment surgery at the hands of a skilled sex change surgeon, Dr. Stanley Biber.

Ever since I could remember, I felt like I was born into the wrong body. The diagnosis was gender dysphoria, or gender identity disorder. The transgender support community provided an answer—take hormones and get sex reassignment surgery. In other words, change into a woman. But can you really change?

Dr. Biber claimed that he had changed me from a man into a woman. Years later the truth emerged—Dr. Biber’s own words in an affidavit to a California court stated no sex change occurred. I was indeed still a man.

My perfectly good body parts had been amputated. Years of looking like and living as a woman did not bring the promised treatment or relief. I still suffered from psychological issues which needed to be properly diagnosed and treated.

I turned to Jesus Christ, who surrounded me with His loving people. Through their unconditional love, I finally received treatment for dissociative disorder and now I am restored as a father, husband and man.

Now we are celebrating my restored life, and I’m here to share the amazing story with you through my book, Trading My Sorrows.”

Judging by his own words, Joshua Starr would consider Mr. Heyer’s story of redemption through Christ and his subsequent freedom from homosexual-related disorders to be “deplorable” and “disgusting.”  Only a truly demented mind would think such things.  I have spoken with Mr. Heyer through email, and he is a powerful and refreshing voice for the healing and transforming power of Christ in the lives of those who seek Him.  I am thankful to the Lord for Mr. Heyer and his witness to many people who struggle in the iron grip of that terrible addiction of homosexuality and its various manifestations.

As with any strong addiction, escaping the homosexual lifestyle is certainly difficult, but it is possible, and for people like Joshua Starr to fight like rabid weasels to prevent the message of freedom from homosexuality from being spread is downright criminal, in my opinion.  Mr. Starr would rather see people continue down the destructive, dead-end path of homosexual addiction than to find freedom from it.

Shame on you, Joshua Starr!


  1. thisoldspouse says:

    Excellent, excellent article, Gina.  That it could reach the ears of Starr and his lemmings.

    • WXRGina says:

      Thank you, Spouse.  

      This story needs to be told.  That man’s despicable ranting needs to be exposed all across our land.

  2. DCM7 says:

    It’s always interesting to see reality turn around and bite those who try to deny it, as it bit Mr. Starr.

    BTW, thanks to the link to the site of Mr. Heyer, just one of countless individuals whose stories we’re apparently just supposed to lay down and pretend never happened. (I note that he goes into quite a bit of detail about how the original “sex-change” was done, but it would be interesting to know how the reversal worked.)

    • WXRGina says:

      DCM, I don’t believe he had what he lost “restored,” in the physical sense, as in a “reversal.”

      Mr. Heyer is a super-nice man, and he welcomes email contact.  I’m sure he would be glad to answer any questions you may have.  He has contact links on all his sites, including: http://www.sexchangeregret.com/  Contact link is at the bottom of the page on that one–“contact Walt”.

  3. Veracity says:

    Homosexualists contemptuously say “you can’t pray away the gay” but that’s exactly what is needed. The assorted vices of Lust need to be plainly seen as what they indeed are, and then be repented of by those practicing that behavior which Gina has rightly called addictive. 

    Psychology and psychiatry have for the most part utterly abandoned practitioners of these sexual vices and left them mired in a cesspool. That government-run schools aggressively promote such unhealthful depravity to youth, with its high risk of death, while at the same time pretending it’s wholesome and good, is beyond belief.