Unmasking the Occupy Movement

This is a trailer for a very revealing documentary.  It’s called “Occupy Unmasked,” and shows us not only the double-standard our elected officials and the “mainstream” media have held for the Tea Party movement and the Occupy Wall Street movement, but the vast differences in methods and goals of the Tea Party vs. Occupy Wall Street movements.

The former sprang up spontaneously in thousands of areas across the United States but was labeled “astroturf” by the Marxists in our socialist government and the “mainstream” media; the latter was manufactured by big-money socialists and unions and called “grassroots” by the same Marxists.

The former stood in defense of America and the principles upon which this great nation was founded, while being denounced and vilified by those running our government; the latter has displayed scorn and hatred for our country and way of life, and has been praised by those running our government.

The former was law-abiding and peaceful, holding our nations laws and highest law (the U.S. Constitution) in highest regard, while the latter has shown contempt for law and property rights as well as law enforcement authorities.

This would be a great film to organize some group showings of.  Sadly, there are still a lot of people out there who only get their “news” from the lying Left in the newspapers and network news. Help them wake up to the visceral hatred for our country that is the heart and soul of the Left.

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    The Useful Idiot Movement.