Health Ranger, Alex Jones Blast Censorship of TSA Satire Video

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Not to state the obvious here, but the leaders of tyrannical, communist governments do not like to be criticized or mocked. That is a fact that has been seen throughout history. American citizens’ unique and precious freedom of speech and freedom of the press have kept us in a position in which it is easy to take these God-given freedoms for granted. What other nation enjoys the freedoms we have to blast our ever-expanding police state, our outrageously crooked politicians, and the sick-headed, leftist leadership in general? America is special in this way.

But, the radical members of this current communist regime in Washington do not like to hear our criticism, and they are working steadily and stealthily to squash our ability to speak against them. The creeping censorship reared its head recently when the leaders of Internet giants Google and Twitter announced they would begin censoring certain content in certain countries. Oh, but that does not affect America, you say. Really? The fact is that the mechanisms for squashing free speech on the Internet are already in place, and they only need a despotic regime to set them in motion to silence us right here in the United States.

One of the latest examples of homegrown censorship in America occurred this past week at the hands of Google-owned You Tube. Mike Adams, the “Health Ranger,” who runs the hugely popular, information-packed website Natural News, created a hard-hitting satire video that nails the Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) to the wall. The video is called “TSA Help Wanted,” and it pulls no punches in exposing the outrageous, perverse treatment of American travelers by TSA goons.

Last week, Alex Jones, who runs the InfoWars website, liked the video so much that he posted it on his You Tube channel, and within a short time, Google had placed an age-restriction roadblock on the video, so that in order to view it, you must have a You Tube account and sign in to verify that you are old enough to view the video. I have watched this video, and it is not one that needs an age restriction on it. There is no blatantly obscene content, but there is biting, edgy sarcasm directed at the TSA.

Mike Adams blasted the censorship in a column from Monday at Natural News as he wrote,

“The message in the censorship of this TSA video is clear: It’s okay to molest little children and elderly women at the airport, but it’s not okay to expose the fact that this molestation is happening. That’s ‘inappropriate.’

It’s okay for TSA agents to plant bags of cocaine in your luggage, but it’s not okay to expose TSA agents planting bags of cocaine in your luggage. That’s ‘inappropriate.’

It’s okay for TSA agents to steal your portable electronics and profit by selling them on eBay, but it’s not okay to expose TSA agents stealing your electronics. That’s ‘inflammatory.’

It’s okay for Janet Napolitano to brainwash Americans into spying on each other like a band of paranoid sniveling maniacs, but it’s not okay to expose the secret police agenda of the Department of Motherland Security. That’s a ‘conspiracy theory.’

Do you see how this works? Google, YouTube and the hoax media all want you to believe it’s perfectly fine for TSA agents to stick their fingers in your anus or vagina, to fondle your scrotum, to cause elderly people to leak urine all over themselves, to demean you and sexually molest you. But god forbid anyone who actually exposes that this is going on — they’re kooks! Conspiracy theorists! Maybe even terrorists!

Anyone critical of the government is obviously a total whack job, right? Because as all North Koreans know, their government is their God! And we should all bow down and worship the United States federal government like a bunch of groveling swine, right?

That’s the new police state Amerika. Anyone with actual knowledge of reality is banned, censored and marginalized. Only those who go along with total criminality, total child sex molestations, and total police state domination of all freedoms are left alone by the tyrannical government and the dominant corporations that filter information to brainwash the public.”

Do not think for a minute that Mike Adams is exaggerating. This federal government, especially now under Barack Obama (or whatever his name is), thrives by lying to the people. An entity that lives on lies will do whatever it takes to prevent those lies from being exposed.

The “mainstream” media is fully on-board with the communist regime’s campaign of lies to the public, and they repeat them and bolster them with every word they write and every television report they create—whether it is lies about the state of the economy and the real unemployment numbers, lies about the criminal activity in the Justice Department and the Executive branch, lies about the hoax of man-caused global warming and their efforts to steal money and freedom from the people to combat that hoax, lies about the cost and effects of the socialized medicine law of Obamacare, or any of the multitude of other falsehoods that emanate daily from the mouths of Obama and his fellow communist Democrats in Congress and his administration. It is essential to their power that those lies are believed by the people.

The problem for the communist Democrat regime is that many, many Americans are now fully awake and will not be taken in by their lying, trash talk. Censorship is one of the tools they use for keeping their lies afloat and for keeping the truth about their lawless behavior out of the view of the general public. Mike Adams’ TSA Help Wanted video is an excellent expose’ of the tyrannical, out-of-control actions of TSA employees. The TSA is a police state enforcement entity, and it needs to be abolished.

InfoWars’ Alex Jones also had strong words for the You Tube censorship of the video, and Mike Adams quotes him in his piece from Monday,

“‘This video was so incredible that Mike Adams put out. Adams had a masterful video making fun of the thuggish behavior, and how these bullies get off on abusing people. It was devastating. It was a perfect 10, five stars. It’s titled ‘TSA Help Wanted.’ And they’ve blocked it for the general public to see, claiming that it is vulgar, when it just shows photos and video of what TSA does to our children and wives and husbands and everybody else. So they’re censoring what you can see, and it’s all part of their selective enforcement.’ (

He goes on to say:

‘This is the video the TSA doesn’t want you to see. Because they don’t like being made fun of. These authoritarian thugs want to be taken seriously, they want to scare you, but they don’t want to be laughed at. And they’re scared at this master work that Mike Adams the Health Ranger has put out. I even told my guys, we’re gonna post that and they’re gonna take it down, it’s just too powerful, and they did, because they are scared of the truth.'”

Alex Jones is right. A communist regime’s biggest enemy is the truth, because communist ideology is so viciously poisonous to individual freedom and prosperity that it must be couched in clever (or even not-so-clever) deceptions to keep the people from soundly rejecting it. Communism seeks to gather all power into the hands of a few, central-government tyrants. It seeks to control all aspects of peoples’ lives, the means of production, the food supply, the entire land. Private property rights are stolen under communism. Unless we can somehow stop the dirty rat enemies within our own government,America is heading straight into the deadly clutches of communism; don’t doubt it for a minute.

I applaud the Health Ranger, Mike Adams, for creating this dead-on satirical video of the true nature of the TSA goon squad. It has clearly hit a nerve with this thin-skinned administration. I recommend that you watch it and share it with your friends and family and post it to You Tube—give the Google You Tube censors a run for their money trying to hunt down all the copies. Let us keep exposing this evil, anti-American communist regime for the lawless, wicked creature it is.

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