Educator: Parents Too Stupid to Know What’s Best for Children

This is the kind of arrogance and elitism the Left has long harbored toward parents and Americans in general: parents are too stupid to know what’s best for their children, and need bureaucrats to make those decisions for them.

Liberals used to avoid this kind of frank talk about their views in public, but with the advent of the most Marxist president in American history three years ago, they have grown bold enough to say what they really think more and more in public.

America, you have seen the Obama Administration and a Democrat-controlled congress, and what they mean to do to American when no one restrains them.

America, you saw the entitlement mentality and demands for taxpayer plunder in Wisconsin last year when Governor Scott Walker brought the gravy train to an end.

America, you have seen the complete contempt and visceral hatred the Left has for America and our way of life played out on live television from the Occupy Wall Street movement in the past 6 months.

America, you now see in this video the disdain and contempt for you held by those who educate your children.

Isn’t it time to sweep these anti-American elitist dirtbags out of every level of our government? If you think so, it’s time we all got involved by making donations to good candidates in the primaries and general election, volunteering to help good candidates in the primary and general elections, and getting out the vote for good candidates in the primary and general elections.

The time remaining to save our great country from the plunderers and tyrants is very short.  Let’s put hand to the plow NOW.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Well, I say if the parents are utterly stupid if they send their kids to this socialist’s class.

  2. Obbo says:

    It’s always been about controlling the formation of young minds.  America is under attack and this avenue guarantees the attack’s continuation.