Dr. Robert Owens on Wallbuilders Live

Dr. Robert Owens

Dr. Robert Owens, one of our beloved authors featured here at American Clarion, was interviewed on Wallbuilders Live with David Barton and Rick Green.

The title of today’s broadcast was “If You Don’t Maintain Your Constitution, it Could Break Down” and it began with a humorous and educational example of a woman who was taken for a ride on her car repairs because she knew nothing about her car or how it was supposed to work.

The same is true with our United States Constitution and our God-given liberties: if we don’t know anything about them and how they are supposed to work, it’s easy for others to fool us and cheat us out of what is rightfully ours.  Actually, this has been going on for decades, as Leftists have ignored what the Constitution clearly says about limits on government, and “found” things in the Constitution which simply don’t exist.

History professor and columnist Dr. Owens was on Wallbuilders Live to discuss this. You can find the podcast of today’s broadcast on the homepage at Wallbuilders Live or on the archives page.

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    These guys are awesome! Been a big fan for years!! Especially of David Barton