Legislative Crackerbarrel: Question on Drivers License Requirements & Illegal Aliens

Senator Stan Adelstein

This is a clip from a video of the South Dakota Legislative Crackerbarrel in Rapid City, Feb. 11, 2012.

A member of the audience asked why the legislature seemed willing to harass citizens with intrusive driver’s license requirements on one hand, and on the other go soft on illegal aliens.

We never got an answer to the second part of the question from any member of the “Republican” controlled legislature.

56:40 Why was HB 1238 to control illegal immigration not supported while SB 118 to reduce intrusive drivers license requirements (infringing on the privacy rights of law-abiding citizens as well as the 10th Amendment) had received considerable support from legislators.

Senator Stan Adelstein, the prime sponsor of SB 118, said “the administration” had provided a lot of false information in support of keeping the existing requirements. He said that the federal government is requiring these procedures, and that if states do not toe the line, citizens that don’t have drivers licenses meeting these requirements will not be able to enter a federal building or fly on a commercial airliner. He pointed out that many states still have not implemented these egregious changes, and some say they will not do so; Adelstein implied that the federal government would end up extending the old standard and avoid implementing the new one.

No answer was forthcoming from any of the “Republican” legislators as to why legislation to control the illegal alien problem has been killed by “Republicans.”

Woodrow Wilcox


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    Bob, I seriously wish you would run for state office.  The fake “republicans” could use a voice of sanity.

    • Thanks, Spouse. I’m always flattered when someone says that, but with two school-age kids and everything else on my plate, it isn’t in the near future. Even in the remote future, I don’t know if I’d have much of a chance. I’m too inclined to straight-talk, have too little tolerance for BS, and have a public record of comments that RINOS and Democrats would twist and frighten mush-minded pop-culture idiots. If you’ve followed the saga of Rep. Stace Nelson in the South Dakota House, you can guess what they’d do to me…times 3.