Catholic University: We Will Not Comply With ObamaCare Mandate

It’s good to see people of faith finally ready and willing to go to the mat to defend their faith.

The things Christians compromised, capitulated and caved on in the 50-year war on Christianity in America have been many, but it seems that in demanding religious organizations provide contraceptives and abortifacients in their health care programs, the Obama Administration has finally piled on the straw that broke the camel’s back.

As you may have heard, Priests for Life has filed a lawsuit against the federal government for trampling religious freedom, and so has the Catholic television network EWTN.

In this video, Tim Dowey, president of Ave Maria University, says unequivocally that not only will his organization fight the government on this, “Ave Maria University…will not comply with it.”

Now that’s the kind of guts ALL who call upon the name of Christ need!  None of this,”Well, I’ll call myself a Christian until it costs me something” or “I’ll say I’m a Christian until it becomes inconvenient” or “I’ll call myself a Christian but drop the teachings of my God like a used gum wrapper when the culture tells me to.”

This should be a lesson to all Christians (as well as everyone who cherishes the traditional values of our country.  When you start to compromise, you’ll eventually end up with your back against the wall…so you might as well stand on principle to begin with, so you can maintain your full freedom.

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