Speaker Boehner: Attack on Religious Freedom Will Not Stand

It’s nice–very refreshing, in fact–when Republicans actually stand up publicly for what’s right.

Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-OH) did so during “one minute speeches” today on the floor of the House of Representatives. He spoke against President Barack Obama’s war on Christian faith and the latest front  in that war which involves the ObamaCare mandate that religious institutions offer liberal health care options that many Christians find immoral and/or objectionable.

Our ancestors came to these shores 400 years ago in pursuit of freedom they were being denied in the Old World (the one Obama and his fellow Leftists worship).  They came here to escape the oppression of government dictating religious practices and expression to them.

Now, as is always the case, liberalism (sometimes known by the oxymoron “progressivism”) takes us backward away from American values to the oppression of the past.

No, it won’t stand. The American people can and will rise up against Obama and his fellow modern oppressors just as we did our oppressors 200 years ago.


  1. Anonymous says:

    He defends religious liberty while he works deals involving the fast and furious crimes by this corrupt administration.  What a two-face.

  2. Gloria Rutherford says:

    It’s about the employer, having to follow rules/laws of labor in this country. It would be like running a hospital with only devout Catholics who will not work on the Sabbath. The Department of Health would swoop in and say if you are running a hospital, you have to staff it everyday. Or a religion that wants to sacrifice an animal. It would be cruelty to an animal and the State stops it. The government makes reasonable rules for all employers, any employer has to follow them. Religious freedom does not trump this concept. When you go into the hospital business you know you have to play by the rules. And yes, the rules can change.  It’s not like abortion where you do exempt a Catholic doctor from performing an act. Here, no one is forcing anyone to do anything. it even saves most money because not having children is less expensive to an insurance company (your premiums) than people having kids. In this case, the government is saying, you have hired people, you have to include important health benefits to your employees. Add to that 98% of female Catholics have used birth control and don’t give a hoot, and that 28 states already have similar policies and there has not been an outcry, a mountain is being made out of a mole hill. But you guys go ahead with your war on women and lets see where you get. You will be Komenated. BTW, Washington State just made gay marriage legal. With California yesterday, notch another two loss for you folks. 

    • Bob Ellis says:

      Have you seen any hospitals full of Catholics (or any other denomination, for that matter) who won’t work to save lives on the Sabbath? I didn’t think so, because Christians aren’t nearly as stupid as you think they are.

      I could rip your anti-Christian screed to shreds piece by piece, but there’s no sense in wasting my time or yours, since you made it glaringly apparent that like the Marxist in teh White House you aren’t the slightest bit interested in respecting religious freedom, the U.S. Constitution or anything else decent.

      All that matters to you on the God-hating Left is that you be able to impose your immoral values on everyone else and make them pay homage to your degeneracy. You don’t even have the sense to realize that in declaring war on the Constitution and our God-given rights, you place yourself in danger of oppression, too; you’re just so gleeful at being able to oppress Christians today, that you can’t think about tomorrow.

      There will be a day of reckoning, though, and you’ll remember (and regret) that you were on the wrong side.

  3. retiredday says:

    My heart mourns for the loss of even the awareness of what freedom means to the godless people who are trying (quite successfully I might add) to “change” this once great nation. Freedom of religion is just three words with a familiar ring to those abusing power in our republic today.  Like jackals or hyenas ravenously circling the carrion of predators a notch or two above them in the food chain, those who attack the faith-based foundations of the dream we call America have no real sense of the priceless value of freedom.  They only know how to destroy and amass to themselves what they can salvage from the broken pieces of civilization.  But regardless of the pain and injury they deliver with their claws and fangs, there is a righteous judgement that awaits them.  It doesn’t matter what they do or say.  He who has created heaven and earth is laughing at them.  Psalm 37:20 says the wicked will perish. The Complete Jewish Bible version adds, “Adonai’s enemies will be like sheep fat, ending up in smoke, finished.”  Now is the time to commit to the winning side.  Each individual is responsible for his or her choice.  God help us.

  4. Bob Ellis says:

    Religious freedom is a “loser issue”?

    It certainly wasn’t for the people who braved thousands of miles of ocean to obtain it several hundred years ago.

    “Loser issue?” Obviously it isn’t for all the Democrats running like rats from Obama’s hostility toward this most fundamental and American of freedoms. You’re too deluded by Leftist propaganda and too drunk on your own arrogance to realize how far out in Left field (literally) you are.

    “Loser issue?” Dream on, you anti-American Leftist. Or better yet, do us all a favor and move to some oppressive country better suited to your despotic tendencies.

  5. Bob Ellis says:

    You’re right. However, no one is trying to force secularists to practice religious expression they don’t believe in. Yet secular humanists are trying to force Christians to practice their sacrament of contraception and abortion.

    Wrong answer. This attack on religious freedom will not stand.