Battle for Marriage is Center Stage in New Hampshire

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The defenders of marriage are gearing up for a huge battle in the state of New Hampshire. Mass Resistance reported that the Democrat-controlled state legislature forced homosexual “marriage” on the state back in 2009, in spite of strong public opposition. As a result, the Democrats were thrown out of office in the next election. Now, New Hampshire has a strong Republican majority in both chambers of the legislature, although their Democrat governor managed to be reelected. The Republicans have the numbers to override the governor’s veto, should they choose to muster the courage.

Now the Republicans have introduced a bill to repeal the homosexual “marriage” law and clearly define marriage as being between one man and one woman—you know, the only thing a marriage can be! The bill will be debated and voted on in the coming weeks, and as you can imagine, the powerful, wealthy, radical homosexual agenda minions are pulling out all the stops to keep this perverse law on the books.

From the Mass Resistance report,

“There are definitely the votes in both houses to pass it. But the Governor has promised to veto it, so the trick is getting the 2/3 votes to override his veto.

On paper, the votes are there to both pass it and override the Governor’s veto. But the lobbying campaign, pressure, and intimidation from the homosexual lobby is gearing up. It’s up to the people to keep some of the mushy Republicans from caving in to that.

And the homosexual lobby, as usual, is hitting hard with their well-used tactics. They’re using the old canards about ‘equality’ (i.e., homosexuality being equal to heterosexuality!) and ‘civil rights’ – trying to persuade people that homosexuality is just like the Civil Rights movement. And of course, their well-rehearsed emotional stories, [of] discrimination, etc., to portray homosexual behavior as completely safe and normal.

This year’s session effectively ends around the end of March, and the schedule for actually taking up the bill is still up in the air.”

As with most issues supported by the radical Left, lies are used to push the agenda. For these homosexual advocates to hijack the cause of civil rights to peddle their twisted wares is despicable. For them to compare their demand for legitimacy of their degenerate behavior to the genuine struggle for equality before the law by black Americans is pathetic. It is an insult to real civil rights causes for the homo-activists to lie and make such an absurd comparison—their bad behavior to the immutable characteristic of skin color.

Another lie is their demand for “marriage equality.” There is no such thing as homosexual “marriage,” and there never could be. It is a sickening shame that such an ingrained and ancient truth would have to be stated today. Throughout the history of mankind, since the dawn of time, men have understood what marriage is, and no group of moral reprobates will ever be able to change it. Man can declare a lie to be the truth all he likes, but he does so at his own peril. God does not smile on the willful mutilation of His precious institution of marriage, through which families are made. Just ask the former residents of Sodom and Gomorrah how their flaunting of abominable, deviant behavior worked out for them.

The battle to restore rightful marriage in New Hampshire will be a fierce one. The forces of Hell are gathering to apply terrible pressure to state lawmakers. The amount of money backing the homo-radicals is massive, and as we have seen before, homosexual activists will stop at nothing to get their sorry way. They must be prevented from succeeding.

Mass Resistance also reported on the fact that wealthy homosexual activists who do not live in New Hampshire contributed large amounts of money to the campaign for homosexual “marriage” in the state, including maximum donations to politicians, and huge sums the Democrat party and political action committees, in exchange for support of homosexual “marriage” legislation.

Today, Tuesday, is a big day in the battle for marriage in New Hampshire. As Mass Resistance reports,

“A website with the Orwellian name of ‘Standing Up for New Hampshire Families,’ is the public face of the homosexual lobby to fight this bill. The group is having a press conference on Tuesday at 10 am in the State House to declare that the fight is over because the sentiment is ‘really’ on their side.

Pro-family people have decided to have a rally right after [the homosexual] lobby’s press conference, at noon right in front of the State House in Concord to show the Legislature that the citizens are very serious in their support [of] traditional marriage and aren’t taking this lightly all.

As [State Representative David] Bates said,

‘It is very important that we have a strong showing of people who want our state law to reflect the proper definition of marriage — the union of one man and one woman. I need your help conveying the urgency of the point of decision we are at concerning marriage in New Hampshire. Many people do not recognize the ramifications of what is at stake if we lose this battle. Among other things, some of our fundamental liberties are at stake. Rights of conscience, religious liberty, and even freedom of speech become severely curtailed wherever homosexuals succeed in imposing their ‘values’ in place of the basic, true mores society once embraced. If we do not rise to the occasion now, there may not be another chance.’

Too often, when homosexual groups have press conferences and similar public events, we on the pro-family side just sit there with our hands in our pockets. But not now, say New Hampshire pro-family leaders.”

The pro-family forces need all the help they can get. They need money and volunteers. They need people to show up at this New Hampshire rally today and to continue to boldly stand for marriage against this hell-born assault. To those who do not see the seriousness of this issue, I would remind you that this is about much more than the perversion of the institution of marriage. As Representative Bates pointed out, our very freedoms are at stake. Our freedom to worship as we see fit and our freedoms to conduct our businesses in a manner consistent with our consciences and our freedom of speech are all on the chopping block of the radical homosexual agenda.

As I have written before, freedom of religion and the success of the radical homosexual movement cannot coexist. If they succeed in forcing their will on the American people, it will ultimately become illegal to publicly express opposition to homosexuality, and that will include preachers and members inside churches as well. Do not doubt this. We already see many legal cases against Christians who oppose the mainstreaming of homosexuality in Europe and Canada, and more and more cases are popping up in America all the time. Do not think we will be spared.

It is essential that we firmly resist and defeat the efforts by the militant homosexuals to get their perversion of marriage made “legal.” Spineless, amoral politicians have already allowed far too much pro-homosexual legislation to make it to the books, including homosexual-preference “hate crimes” legislation and the adding of “sexual orientation” to the list of classes of people protected from discrimination. These kinds of laws are eroding our freedoms, even as they attempt to elevate the bad behavior of homosexuality to the level of normalcy. Homosexuality will never be normal; it will only be what it has always been: an abomination of God’s natural design for human sexuality.

Another front in this fierce battle is in our government-run public school classrooms, which are targets of the militant homosexuals. Our kids are being indoctrinated with pro-homosexual curriculums, and in one extreme case, California has mandated that homosexuals be portrayed in a positive light in the public schools beginning at the kindergarten level. This is utterly detestable, and a hard push-back at this kind of disgusting child abuse by the godless State needs to be made by parents in every state.

Meanwhile, let us pray for the pro-family forces in New Hampshire and pray for the State Republican leadership to stand fearlessly in the face of the menacing, moneyed minions of the homosexual lobby to reverse this terrible homosexual “marriage” law and override the Democrat governor’s veto.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Good luck, New Hampshire.  The vast majority of this country, the majority that thought enough of marriage to codify it in the constitutions of 30+ states (and counting), are pulling for you.