Hearing Scheduled on Drivers License Requirements in SD Trans Cmte

SB 118, the bill to modify SD drivers license renewal requirements to a simpler, better form is scheduled for a hearing before the Senate Transportation Committee.

Location of the hearing:           Pierre, SD –  the Capitol Building

Date:                                       Wednesday morning, February 1st

Time:                                       7:45 am

Room:                                      In room 423, on the fourth floor

The Bill:

Woodrow Wilcox


  1. Removes the scanning, copying or replication of personal documents.
  2. Requires only a photo ID if you have no moving violations in the two years prior to your renewal.
  3. Eliminates the requirement to show a Social Security Card.

Anyone who has experienced the arduous and invasive SD Drivers License renewal process over the last couple of years knows that the present law is intrusive, inconvenient and expensive. The rules are especially difficult for those living in rural areas or on the reservations. The current Drivers License law, which requires scanning and storage of an applicant’s important personal documents in state and federal data bases, puts citizens at risk for identity theft. This Bill is a great step forward to protect the privacy of SD citizens and takes away a potential database for hackers who want to steal identities.

v     Letters and phone calls to the members of the Senate Transportation Committee and your representatives in favor of SB118 are needed.



v    What is most needed is live testimony at the hearing.

Sen. Adelstein, the sponsor of the Bill, is hoping for 300 people to come to the meeting to show their support for this Bill.

We know that 7:30 am is not a convenient time for  most people to assemble in Pierre; but we have been told by legislators that the presence of SD citizens at committee meetings and legislative sessions makes the most difference to the success or failure of a bill.

Please take the time to attend this hearing!

If you wish to testify in favor of the bill please put your name on the signup sheet in the committee room.

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