Pretender ‘Republicans’ Toss Real Republican From Caucus

Well, isn’t that just an ironic, hypocritical crock!

One of the relatively few Republicans in the South Dakota Legislature who bothers to consistently act like a Republican (Rep. Stace Nelson) was kicked out of the Republican caucus by a bunch of liberal RINOs who like calling themselves “Repbulicans” while voting and behaving like Democrats.

From Bob Mercer’s Pure Pierre Politics:

UPDATE: Nelson just confirmed that he received word, in a phone message from House Republican leader David Lust at 4:45 p.m. yesterday, that he was kicked out of the caucus.

The Rapid City Journal is also reporting on the issue today. It seems that another genuine Republican, Rep. Lance Russell of Hot Springs, is no longer welcome in the RINO caucus (which should be a compliment, but the RINO caucus still goes by the name of “Republican caucus”).

Rep. Nelson told me earlier this morning that the dispute referenced in this article is one that arose when Nelson tried to iron out some smaller difficulties with another legislator. Nelson said the other legislator was offended that Nelson would appeal to the Republican platform as a standard for votes, and the conversation devolved from there.  However, while Nelson admits he and the other legislator made disparaging comments to one another, no threat was ever made.

Meanwhile, Nelson says that an old-guard East River RINO told Russell after a contentious committee vote earlier this week, “You are a piece of s***.”  Apparently that behavior is acceptable to legislative leadership, so long as it is a RINO putting an uppity elephant who acted like an elephant in his place.

The liberal Republican leadership is of course trying to paint themselves as victims who had no choice but to deal with a “difficult” member in this way. However, those who insist on doing what is right and that groups uphold their own values are always branded as being “difficult” by those who insist on the latitude to violate principle and subvert what is right. Salt does tend to sting an open wound, and light does tend to hurt the eyes of those living in darkness.

It seems Nelson started off on the wrong foot with “Republican” leadership last year, and every move he’s made since then has only made things worse. He has insisted that Republicans should vote like Republicans (and several scorecards over the past year have revealed that Nelson is one of the most Republican of the “Republicans”).  His efforts to make the voting records of legislators more user-friendly for the voters also won him no friends among “Republicans” in the legislature (who frequently vote contrary to Republican principles and platform). Reports that Republican leadership in the legislator had pressured the Legislative Research Council staff to violate confidentiality and reveal what bills conservative legislators were working on didn’t impress the RINOs either.  Nelson just refuses to go along and be a good little liberal-with-an-“R”-after-his-name.

The arrogance of these Republican liberals is astonishing!  Apparently we’ve had a hostile takeover of the Republican Party in South Dakota by the Left, and real Republicans are no longer welcome.  It wasn’t enough to just derail Republican principles and goals as they did repeatedly last session; they’re apparently intent in removing those who insist the party remain faithful to its values.

We gave them a wakeup call with the Tea Party movement (a political uprising born in response to Republican dereliction in the face of Democrat assaults on our liberty), and they stuck their noses in the air.

We tried convincing them with our phone calls, letters and emails last session to vote like Republicans; it fell on deaf ears.

We tried shaming them into acting like Republicans with three vote scorecards over the course of the past year; they all not only fell on deaf ears, but were met with arrogant defiance by some.

It looks like the only way to get through to these donkeys-in-elephant-skins is to primary them and get rid of them. What good are Republicans if they insist on acting like Democrats?

Well, if these liberal RINOs who are making a complete joke of the South Dakota Republican Party want a war with real Republicans, by golly they’ve earned themselves one!


  1. Bob Ellis says:

    These scorecards aren’t phony (they feature real bills with real votes by real legislators), and you don’t know Stace hand-picked the bills used on one of the three scorecards released in the past year. That may be possible, but neither you nor I have any proof that he did; only that he allowed a group that put together one of the three scorecards to post that information on his web server.

    Home births? Frankly it isn’t important to me, either, but it is to some people, and they obviously see it as a matter of freedom–something the “Republican” legislature seems pretty contemptuous of these days.

    I’m sorry that you don’t like my website anymore. But just as I tell the truth about liberals with a “D” after their names, I have to do so about liberals with an “R” after their name, too.

    I really hate having to speak ill of Republicans in public, but with the kind of crap that has come out of the legislature in the past few years, I feel compelled to do so, for the benefit of the party as well as loyalty to what’s right.

    As I have said a number of times before, if you have a product that sells itself as offering this or doing that, but then when the package is opened you find something completely different, it won’t be long before people have no faith whatsoever in that brand. That’s what we have from the GOP in South Dakota and too much at the national level, too.

    A “Republican” legislature, two years in a row, can’t find the guts to pass a Health Care Freedom Act in opposition to the outright assault on liberty known as ObamaCare??? And even if some people claim not liking the messenger the first year (Gordon Howie) was their excuse, they didn’t have that excuse last year. And that’s the truth.

    A “Republican” legislature can’t find it in itself to deal with the problem of illegal immigration that is going on right in our own state? Pathetic! And that’s the truth.

    A “Republican” legislature can’t summon the brass to protect against the Shariah law that is overtaking Europe and is already starting to creep across American? And that’s the truth.

    A “Republican” legislature doesn’t have the brass to tell the bleeding heart liberals to get lost when it comes to forcing taxpayers to subsidize illegal recreational drug use? Disgusting! And that’s the truth.

    A “Republican” legislature votes down a gun bill to expand Second Amendment rights without doing a thing to jeopardize public safety–and does so on the petty excuse that they don’t like who is speaking in favor of it? And that’s the truth.

    What I’m “bitter” (torqued would be a better word) about is the fact that one political party in this state and country is hell-bent to destroy our great country morally and economically–while the other political party is divided between people who are eager join in selling us down the river, and a bunch of cowards who are afraid the “mainstream” media and other liberals might say mean things about them.

    I’m disgusted that the party people could once count on to protect our freedom and our way of life has become nothing but a pale version of the poison that is killing us.

  2. Ed Randazzo says:

    Hey Annon, Step out from the arras and let’s know who speaks here as an authority but is too much the coward to reveal who he is. What credibility shall we assume you have when you vomit your bile but decline to take responsibility. Your a big person only in your own cowardly mind. Do us all a favor and go vomit somewhere else.

    • Annon says:

      Seriously? You call my comments vomit? bile? Pot meet kettle. Typical response when someone tries to bring in light. Coward??? After your response, why would anyone bring an opposing view to this blog and identify themselves and face  this kind of BS?

      Also typical that someone dares not agree with their distorted fantacy, they are told to go away 

      You wish to wallow in your ignorance, be my guest.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I am not an “insider”.  I do know a few reps and a senator.  What I hear from them is chilling.   Many of these elected reps run as R’s because they know a D’s chance of getting elected are slim, and these people have moved the republican party in this conservative state steadily to the left, and I am “madder than hell and I’m not gonna take it anymore.”

    What Bob says is true.  If the R party cant find the spine to reject Federal health care, Sharia law, and unconstitutional gun laws, then OUT THEY GO.. 

    There will be less tolerance for liberals this november then 2010.

  4. Annon says:

    Wrapping yourself in selfrighteousnous does not absolve you from seeking the facts instead of jumping to conclustions as you have just done on several topics you mentioned. I do know for a fact that one individual that you know, has made several attempts to contact you to discus the distorted view that you have presented on this site. Why would you choose to remain ignorant to the facts? Seems as though you don;’t want to know the facts because you might have to abandon your crusade to convince everyone that will listen that you and small select group are the only true conservatives in the state.
    I considered myself a Teapartier at first. But now it seems that the folks that have put themselves at the helm seem more interested in setting boobey traps for fellow Republicans than they are about getting anything done. If you want to make a differance, GET INFORMED. You criticize Republicans that didn’t pass a Sheriah Law bill never mind the fact that the bill had some supstancial flaws and needed to not pass. Good example of another booby trap that would have accomplished nothing in SD but did provide you with another excuse to go after a few more good Republicans.

    Bottom line,,, if you want to make a differance, and if you want to regain some credibility, get up off your duff, get out from behind your computer and actually talk to the people you are writing about.Try seeking out the facts instead of getting your only exercise by jumping to conclusions. Join a group like Family Heritage Alliance and get engaged. Make a differance by being part of the process instead of standing on the sideline and throwing stones.

    • Bob Ellis says:

      I think everyone that knows me (including me and my God) knows that I’m not righteous. You don’t have to be righteous to point out the truth, or to reveal error for what it is. Were that not the case, no preacher could preach, no cop could police, and no lawmaker could make laws. When I point out the liberalism and abuse of the House leadership and their minions, I’m not a factor in the debate–their actions are.

      I know of one person who made one attempt by email to contact me about any of this, and that attempt was a few weeks ago. When I replied and asked for a good time to talk, I never heard back from them. Based on what I’ve seen so far, though, I doubt anything would have been accomplished by it; it seems this person is too interested in defending the status quo to admit we have a serious liberal infestation in the Republican Party.

      I’m sorry, but you haven’t provided a single fact that refutes the truth of these votes and scorecards, nor have you offered any proof that the outrageous claims against Stace Nelson are true.

      If he really threatened someone, why is it no one has gone on record with a quote, with specifics of what was threatened? Apparently it’s much easier to put on a show by having some cops walk around to “keep the peace.” Liberals are good at playing the victim card–in Pierre, apparently, as well as in D.C.

      The Tea Party movement began precisely because Republicans had shown they were absolutely worthless when it came to standing in the way of the Democrats’ corrosive agenda. The Republicans were more concerned about being in power and holding the purse strings than they were about standing for principles. There was hope at one point that the Tea Party uprising might have woke Republicans up, but that hope is fading fast.

      If the Shariah bill had problems, it could have easily been amended to deal with those concerns. Unfortunately it was far easier to just kill it on excuses since the establishment made it clear no such nonsense was going to be entertained in their House. The same was true of all those bills. The objections could have easily been amended and dealt with…but the establishment didn’t want a good bill, it wanted a dead bill.

      You apparently know nothing at all about me. You seem to think I sit “behind my computer” and never talk to anyone. You might be surprised at how many people I talk to. You might also be surprised if I were to tell you that I was involved with the Family Heritage Alliance. But since more than a few legislators have made it clear that they are petty enough to despise something because someone they don’t like supports it, I won’t tell you that. I have too much respect for FHA to allow petty people who like to jump to their own conclusions to use me as an excuse to hate a good group.

      As for making a difference, the RINO establishement has made it very clear that making a conservatiave difference isn’t welcome in the process. Oh, if you kiss the proper rings and lick the right shoes, you might get a few crumbs from the table. But don’t dare call liberal policies what they are, and definitely don’t dare call a liberal what they are. Of course, people have been getting crucified for calling a corrupt establishment what it is for 2,000 years (Matthew 23), so I’m not really surprised.

  5. guest says:

    Annon, there is not one verifiable fact in your post.  You make 13 accusations with out backing up any them with at least a modicum of information.  Your last statment about not speaking the truth is interesting, because in your whole post you seem to be in fantasy land.