RC Legislative Crackerbarrel: Drug Testing for Welfare Recipients

Rep. Mark Kirkeby

A legislative crackerbarrel meeting was held Saturday morning at the South Dakota School of Mines & Technology regarding the 2012 South Dakota Legislative session. My thanks to Ed Randazzo of The Right Side for running my video recorder for me since I could not be there due to other commitments.

This video clip shows a question about Rep. Mark Kirkeby’s plans to introduce a bill that would allow drug testing for welfare recipients who are suspected of using illegal recreational drugs.  Such a bill was proposed last year in the South Dakota Legislature, but shot down because the “Republican” majority went along with bleeding-heart liberal propaganda.

The person who asked the question played the typical liberal “for the children” card, implying that we couldn’t possibly stop giving a drug user a welfare check because the drug user’s children might suffer from the lack of the aforementioned welfare check.

It should be noted that substance abuse frequently contributes to if not causes poverty. It does so directly through the siphoning off of financial resources to pay for recreational drugs, and indirectly by contributing to a person’s inability to get and keep a good-paying job.

Also, we should not forget that the single greatest contributor to poverty in our society is broken homes.  What contributes to broken homes?   In addition to premarital sex and easy divorce, intoxicated people contribute to the creation of broken homes, because when people are intoxicated, they tend to say and do hurtful things that can damage or destroy a marriage and a home (and not just to the spouse, but harm to the children as well).

The best way to protect children is to ensure that a parent suspected of using illegal, recreation drugs is not in fact receiving taxpayer subsidies to further that drug habit–further placing the child in danger of neglect and gaps in home safety.

All this, in addition to the fact that failure to act on suspected drug use by a welfare recipient knowingly forces the taxpayers to subsidize illegal drug use–an injustice if there ever was one.

The entire 2-hour meeting can be viewed here.

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