Rapid City Legislative Crackerbarrel Discussion of Constitutional Carry Bill

The first legislative crackerbarrel meeting of 2012 for Rapid City was held this morning at the South Dakota School of Mines & Technology. My thanks to Ed Randazzo of The Right Side for running my video recorder for me since I could not be there due to other commitments.

The entire 2-hour meeting was captured on video, is being uploaded to YouTube tonight and will be available here at American Clarion tomorrow.

In the meantime, this is a clip from the first discussion of HB 1015, the Constitutional Carry bill, and it’s defeat in the state House Judiciary Committee yesterday.   As he did in committee testimony yesterday, Rep. Brian Gosch again stated that the main reason he voted against this bill to expand Second Amendment rights was to “punish” the South Dakota Gun Owners group which supported the bill.

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  1. Old Cowboy says:

    This issue is so simple it makes my senses spin to defend it!  The Constitution protects the right to keep and ‘bear’ arms.  It does not need more legislation to protect the right.  It is just politicians wanting to flex their puny muscles.  Let them lift the ’tissue’, it does not matter.  The Constitution holds up the ‘lead’ weight that guarantees our right.  If these ‘small’ legislators keep promoting their assertion to enlarge their power, at the expense of our rights then our rights will be defended in large part with the use of the Second Amendment.  Study history and find out what the framers and authors of the Constitution meant when they wrote it.  It’s so simple it makes me secure and comforted.