SD Legislator’s NCIS Experience Highlighted in Sundance Film Festival Documentary

CONTACT: Rep. Stace Nelson
District 25 Representative, SD House of Representatives
(605) 770-7461
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Pierre, SD, January 19, 2012 – The producers of a documentary film on rape and sexual assault in the US military confirmed that retired NCIS Investigator, and current state representative, Stace Nelson was consulted as an expert on rape & sexual assault investigations for their Sundance Film Festival submission.

“Stace/Representative Nelson provided invaluable insight into the epidemic of rape & sexual assault in the US military in our film The Invisible War. With over 20 years investigating and combating these crimes as a Marine and NCIS investigator, and as an elected official, he has given a voice to hundreds of thousands of veterans who have survived these horrible crimes. Few people with his bona fides had the courage to come forward and speak the truth as he did.” Tanner Barklow, Producer The Invisible War.

South Dakota Rep. Stace Nelson

Movie producers flew Nelson to Hollywood in October, where he was interviewed for the movie. Nelson donated his time and efforts to the movie. The Invisible War will be shown in competition at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah from January 19-29th, 2012. Post festival distribution of the movie is under consideration.

Nelson retired from NCIS in November of 2008 after combined federal law enforcement service with NCIS and the US Marine Corps of over 22 years. His prior film credits include expert consultation and participation in a DOD Narco-Terrorism video. He was elected to the South Dakota House of Representatives in 2010 and currently resides near Fulton, SD.

For more information, contact Stace Nelson as above or Mr. Tanner Barklow ([email protected]) (323)662-8484, Chain Camera Pictures, 2711 Angus Street Los Angeles, CA 90039

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