Who Will Stop Barack Obama?

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Barack Obama must be stopped. Never in my life would I have dreamed that America would see a man in the United States presidency who is distinctly at odds with this country. Never could I have imagined that an enemy of America and the American people would be wormed into the highest position of power in the free world. At this awful point we can dispense with all niceties and undeserved respect for this man who is clearly a danger to the survival of this great nation as it was founded.

To say that he is a communist enemy of America is not only correct, but it may even be an understatement. Communism draws all power to a central government, commandeers the means of production, industry, business—all of the private sector comes under the iron-fisted, micro-managing rule of “central planners.” The freedom of the people is squashed. That is exactly what Obama is about, and he is already far down the road of forcing a communist “utopia” on America.

Anyone who can not or will not see the menace that Obama is can only be described as ignorant at best and a fellow traveler at worst. The Obama administration’s egregious shredding of the Constitution goes on unchecked, so my question is who will stop Obama? Who has the courage to put this despicable man on the road to impeachment? It is well past time that he is reined in, but to our dismay, we do not see anyone in a position of power willing to give this man anything more than tepid criticism, if any criticism at all.

Last week really took the cake. The seemingly endless list of outrages committed by Obama and his buddies in the administration and Justice Department continues to grow longer by the day. And now we see more clearly than ever that this man has no regard for the limits placed on his power by the Constitution. This man is behaving as a dictator. I have a newsflash for Barack Obama. America does not have dictators, and we the people will not stand for it. But, what can we do? Ten months until November is a terribly long time to wait to get this dangerous criminal out of our White House, and Heaven help us if we have to see what he will do as a lame duck president between November and next January!

What we saw last week was one of the most flagrantly illegal moves Obama has made. He made four recess appointments when the Senate was not in recess. This man believes he can do what he likes and get away with it. As of now, I do not see how he will not get away with it, since our Congress seems to be made up of a hoard of shrinking violets. It is maddening to know that he should be impeached, but we do not see those with the power to impeach him even hinting that they will do so.

Obama illegally appointed former Ohio Attorney General Richard Cordray to a newly created governmental department—as if we need yet another level of bureaucratic power over the people—the so-called Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. As usual with tyrannical government regimes, the name of this new bureaucracy is deceptive. It is nothing more than yet another intrusive government power grab over private sector finance-related businesses, ostensibly tasked with enforcing consumer finance laws for the benefit of the people. What it will do instead is gather even more power over the private sector into the hands of government central planners and cost private businesses even more money to be in “compliance” with their definition of “fairness.”

As Vice-President for Policy of Americans for Prosperity, Phil Kerpen, had to say in a column at Fox News,

“The CFPB has the power to interfere with every consumer financial transaction in the economy. It is housed in the Federal Reserve and funded out of Fed operations, not congressional appropriations, avoiding effective congressional oversight.

All power is vested in one individual – now, presumably Cordray – with no board or commission. None of this was part of Elizabeth Warren’s original design, which included a five-member commission that was funded and overseen by Congress. Senate Republicans have correctly called for reforms to make the new agency accountable before confirming a nominee and allowing it to begin writing rules that could have a major negative impact on the economy.

Obama doesn’t care. He’s making [this] up as he goes along.”

The other non-recess recess appointments are three people to the National Labor Relations Board. In a different column which was published at the Daily Caller, Phil Kerpen wrote,

“Obama’s tightly choreographed media blitz around the historic non-recess appointment of Richard Cordray was designed to disguise a reckless, lawless and unconstitutional action — a purported ‘recess appointment’ while the Senate is clearly still in session — into a virtuous, bold move. And to the president’s far-left supporters, surely it will be seen as just that.

But another special interest in the Democrats’ corner was served later in the day, more quietly. Union bosses won a big victory when the president made even more outrageous non-recess appointments to pack the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) with union lawyers. That action deserves the same scrutiny as the Cordray move, if not more.

Republicans never obstructed the two Democrats Obama installed on the NLRB. They couldn’t have even if they wanted to; Obama only named them as nominees on December 15, less than three weeks before he made the move. The nominees never even filed the normal paperwork with the Senate Health, Education, Labor, & Pensions (HELP) Committee. They didn’t undergo background checks. They didn’t submit questionnaires. They didn’t meet with a single Senate Republican.”

Alan Caruba, writing at Right Face, had strong words about Obama’s illegal behavior. In a column titled, “Barack Machiavelli,” Mr. Caruba lays it on the line as he writes,

“The Founding Fathers, authors of the Constitution, were obsessed with any form of government that could become too powerful, too willing to use force to oppress citizens. They had cause. They had fought a long war against the greatest power of their age, ruled by a king with nearly absolute power. They fashioned an instrument designed to ensure that the President could not rule by edict and defused power among three branches of government.

We have a President currently running for reelection against Congress, Wall Street, Republicans, and the right of citizens to be free of an overly intrusive government.

Article I, Section 1 of the Constitution says: All legislative powers herein granted shall be vested in the Congress of the United States, which shall consist of a Senate and House of Representatives.

All appointments of the President must be approved by the Senate while it is in session and the Senate, even over the Christmas and New Year’s vacation has remained in session, if only in a pro forma, technical manner. Every three days it has been convened to assert its powers.

Even so, President Obama has announced several ‘recess’ appointments, all clearly a challenge to the Senate and all clearly a tyrannical power grab. He appointed Richard Cordray as the first director of the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, a new function that puts government between the lender and the citizen. In theory, all loans in the future will be subject to government approval. This is Communism, not Capitalism.

In addition, he appointed three members to the National Labor Relations Board, intended to arbitrate disputes between unions and corporations. None of them have appeared before a Senate committee for vetting. It was this board that demanded Boeing shut down its new factory in South Carolina, one of many ‘right to work’ states that empower workers with the right to determine whether they want to join a union or not.

Neither Obama, nor any president who preceded him can make appointments without the ‘advice and consent’ of the Senate. (Article II, Section 2). As recently as the first week of the year, referring to the Senate, Obama asserted that ‘I have an obligation as President to do what I can without them.’ He has no such obligation. Those are the words of an incipient tyrant.”

Barack Obama is at war with the United States Constitution and the American people. It is imperative that those in power begin the process of removing Obama from the presidency. Do not tell me this can not be done. Obama is a clear and present danger to our great Republic, and his traitorous actions have shown beyond a doubt that he has no business in the highest office in our land. He belongs in prison where his criminal actions merit his presence.

Impeach Obama now!


  1. Jdragonflylady2000 says:

    Wonder what Americans would do if suddenly, Hitler became President?? Well, this snake, Obama, is worse than Hitler! It seems to me that every person in office is keeping his or her mouths shut in exchange for a payday. What weak weak people we have in office!! I’m not going to hold my breath waiting for an impeachment, but it sure needs to happen. It needed to happen 3 years ago. 
    God Save America! Good article, Gina. God Bless you and American Clarion! 

    • Anonymous says:

      At least Obama is not killing people like Hitler did (at this time anyway), but Obama is still a very bad guy as it is.

  2. retiredday says:

    Gina, your article really fires me up, but I’m wondering if anyone will step up to the plate. George Miller is my Representative and my Senators are Boxer and Feinstein, so that’s a dead end. Every time I write them they just shine me on. Congress continues to ignore the position of trust they have of representing the American People, which is why their approval rating is hovering just above zero. That in itself should be a clue. We desperately need leaders who are principled, righteous, noble and exercise statesmanship, rather than partisanship. We need leaders in America who rather than having an agenda, see their position as a public trust and conduct themselves as public servants. Unfortunately, voters seem fixated on what candidates say and who’s a good public speaker. I’m so tired of the cheap talk we get from Washington. I want to see action. And it’s not something I can do, or else I’d already have done it. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Retiredday, it’s an awful thing to feel powerless to stop this insane slide into tyranny. I feel it, too. Some people will say, “If you don’t like it, go run for office,” but that is simply not practical for many, many of us. And, how many letters, phone calls, faxes and emails and even blog columns can we write until we turn blue in the face?

      I’m with you, my Friend, and it’s a bit of a bummer to see what we see and know that so many people in this country are asleep, stupid, drugged out of their heads, anti-American or all of the above. I know there are more of us than them, but unless a major change of heart happens to the spirit of the American people, we will continue to see the “dead” class of people grow ever larger along with our tyrannical government.

      Thank the Lord we have Him. Because of the Lord, we know that this will all be set right in the very end.