A Modern Missile Crisis

Shark Tank has an excellent interview with Rep. Allen West (R-FL) concerning national defense and foreign policy.

The defense cuts Democrats are drooling to make are reckless and will endanger our nation at a time when our Armed Forces desperately need to be built back up after nearly a decade of fighting terrorism on two different fronts–and faces new threats from belligerent nations like Iran, North Korea, and China.

There is also a threat in our back yard from Venezuela and Marxist America-hater Hugo Chavez.  This is actually nothing new.  German daily Die Welt reported over a year ago about the burgeoning partnership between missile-equipped and nearly-nuclear Iran and Venezuela.

While Barack Obama may fancy he and Hugo Chavez as the Marxist Brothers, real Americans are under no illusions that Chavez is a friend of America.

Notice how easily this information rolls off West’s tongue during this interview.  This retired Army lieutenant colonel knows what he’s talking about, and–uniform or not–remains committed to protecting America.  Though he hasn’t been in congress two years yet, he is definitely presidential material.  Unlike some who insist on repeating asinine Clinton policy of treating acts of war like crimes, have their heads buried firmly in the sand, and don’t have a clue how to deal with evil, Rep. West gets it.

2012 is too soon, but 2016 or 2020?  Definitely.

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