Teaching Children to be Takers

What the banner should have said...

Leftists have long been very adept and ready to use children to promote their dark agenda.  We frequently see terrorists hiding behind children to shield themselves from attack. We frequently see Leftists when they demand more tax dollars to throw down some liberal hole that we must “do it for the children.”  It is becoming a regular thing to hear of teachers who have conscripted school children to write letters to big, bad politicians who won’t put more money into the pockets of the teacher’s unions. Illegal aliens and their apologists like to gloss over our laws and national sovereignty that have been violated by pointing to the children of those lawbreakers who have been born in our country. Children are often prodded into sing the praises of messianic liberal politicians.

Now these Leftists are taking their children to the streets in celebration of a movement in pursuit of legal plunder.

The occupationist parents in this clip did manage to get one thing right: the bailouts for the financial industry were wrong, though I doubt they had the intelligence to realize that it was because they were unconstitutional and a contamination of market forces, rather than simply spending money they wanted to waste on their pet programs.

But as we all know the Occupy Wall Street is about far more than opposition to the unconstitutional bailouts. If that were the case, they should have joined the Tea Party movement which has been speaking out against them for three years now.

No, the Occupy Wall Street has repeatedly and clearly demonstrated that it is about the destruction of the free market and the American way of life. It has demonstrated over and over again that it is about takers demanding the property earned by the producers in our society.

So let’s be clear on what is being supported when anyone speaks favorably of this un-American occupationist movement.

But these idiot parents said some other interesting things during their public display of ignorance.

“This is what democracy looks like.” In addition to all the images we’ve already seen of what “democracy looks like,” democracy apparently looks like adults who should know better teaching their children to demand property they have not earned from people who have.

It seems democracy also looks like a mindless Leftist reciting a lawless and envious mantra with a crowd of other mindless Leftists chanting this mantra back in unison.

Now, while our founders specifically rejected democracy in favor of a republic for some very good reasons, I suspect they never fathomed that in 2011 there would be more reasons provided to us in living pictures.

These Marxists also (as Marxists usually do) tried to paint the police in a negative light for doing their job of protecting the public and maintaining order.

The message from the Marxist Parents:

Policemen who do their job to protect the public, protect property, maintain order, arrest trespassers, and apprehend the violent: these are bad policemen.

Policemen who allow people to do whatever they want (including harass members of the public, destroy property, engage in disorderly conduct, trespass, and commit violence): these are the good policemen.

Let’s take a look at what the dictionary says about bullies:

Bully – a blustering browbeating person

Browbeating – to intimidate or disconcert by a stern manner or arrogant speech

So really, it is the members of the occupationist movement who are the bullies here. They are full of bluster against the American way of life, and attempt to browbeat anyone who disagrees with their chanting, yelling, property damage and rioting.  No one can rationally deny that their intent is to browbeat and intimidate lawmakers and the public into agreeing with their demands to confiscate property from the producers and give it to the takers.

They displayed their bullish tendencies when the police did their jobs (and could be better employed fighting other crime, if they didn’t have to deal with these adult-children) and took down the hearts the occupationists had put on a fence at City Hall (I’m pretty sure this would fit under defacing public property, littering, or something similar).  These Marxist bullies ridiculed police officers doing their job as being heartless.  These shameless takers attempted to “shame” the police out of doing their job.  These protesters should be ashamed of behaving so childishly and narcissistically, in public and in front of their children, but they have no shame.

Chronological adults, teaching their children to rail against the property rights. How completely pathetic.

Thank God the homeschooling movement is continually growing, so that responsible, intelligent children will someday be ready to counter the empty-headed takers being bred by these empty-headed Marxists.

Don’t forget this in the coming year, as you think about which candidates in the 2012 election to donate time and money to, and which ones to vote for in November 2012.  One party has fueled this kind of self-centered animosity toward the American way of life, and is sympathetic to such displays…and that makes the choice for patriotic Americans very clear next year.

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