Christianity is part of the common law. — James Wilson, Updegraph v. The Commonwealth, 1824


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Obamagration and our disdainful president

Star Parker

The executive order, which President Obama has issued, granting amnesty to millions of individuals now residing illegally in our country, should make clear the profound disregard our president has for American voters, our constitution, and our two-party system.

ObamaCare is Demonstrably Dishonest

Bill Wilson

Last week, the Supreme Court agreed to hear King v. Burwell — a case which exposes a fatal flaw in Obama's signature legislation. When Obamacare was drafted, the law's health care subsidies (and the taxes collected to pay for them) were explicitly confined to those states establishing their own health care exchanges. That's not a statement of opinion, either, it's written in black and white right there in the law — which expressly limits such subsidies to qualified plans enrolled "through an exchange established by the State."

Fundamentally Transforming America, One Community at at Time

Robert Romano

Let's just be blunt. If Congressional Republicans do not defund the imminent rulemaking, "Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing," by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) in the upcoming continuing resolution, they are utterly insane.

Barack Obama takes the presidential Oath of Office, Tuesday, Jan. 20, 2009 at the U.S. Capitol Building (Photo credit: Bart Stupak)

Upholding One’s Oath

Jim Bowman

Finally, we all will see what our highly paid and much vacationed career politicians are made of! Words fail to properly define, even describe what this Oval Office resident is attempting to do. However finally, I can without reservation, say that he is not my president.


No Illegal Aliens Allowed in Heaven

David Pepe

On the eve of Obama's decree we stand at the threshold of entering a new day here in America where - with a swipe of the pen - millions of illegal aliens will be made legal and invade this nation with a heart that withstands our constitutional republic, English language, Judeo/Christian heritage and rule of moral laws. Does this sound harsh to you do-gooders of lawlessness out there? Think again my friends, this act has absolutely nothing to do with helping children or individuals but it only seeks to destroy America, divide Americans and to incite law abiding American citizens to rage and reaction.

Lies About ObamaCare: Are You Really Surprised?

Michael Peroutka

In the liberal mind, the progressive agenda is good for Americans but Americans are just too dense to see it as clearly as liberals do. Liberals are therefore reluctant to let the rest of us make our own decisions. This reluctance leads them to lie to us for our own good. Is any of this a surprise to you?


Public School Kids: Seen But Not Heard

Bradlee Dean

Many older folks today in this country have little or no good thing to say about the up and coming generation, as if to excuse themselves in one way or another concerning their posterity. Do you remember, “wisdom is justified by her children"?

What Jews, Islamists, Secularists and CINO’s Hate Most

A.J. Castellitto

For most He is the bitter pill, the tough love, the strange medicine, the road rejected. He is our rage and our rejection. He is our mock and our ridicule.

America: The GOP is Lying to You

Bob Ellis

This isn't a Democrat saying this. This isn't the "mainstream" media (pardon the redundancy in conjunction with the last sentence) saying this. This isn't even me--who witnessed so much duplicity, hypocrisy, corruption and liberalism within the "Republican" Party in the last four years that I can't carry the water for this pack of liars anymore--saying this.

Ebola virus particles (Credit: Thomas W. Geisbert, Boston University School of Medicine)

Epidemic of Spirtual Ebola

Dave Daubenmire

The American Church is hemorrhaging. The foundation upon which all morality springs is cracking like an egg. If Christians can no longer recognize or defend the truth we can expect the bloodletting to continue. Only a super-sized moral tourniquet can stop the oozing from the body of America. Somewhere along the line we stopped thinking generationally.


Honoring Father and Mother

Dave Daubenmire

Have you heard of the Canary in the coal mine? You know it is that allusion to caged canaries that miners would carry down into the mineshafts with them. If dangerous gases such as methane or carbon monoxide leaked into that shaft, the gases would kill the canary before killing the miners. The death of the canary provided a warning to exit the tunnels immediately. Is there a canary in the coalmine for a country or for a society?

South Dakota

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Senator-Elect Mike Rounds Officially Joins Surrender Caucus

Bob Ellis

It didn't take long for South Dakota U.S. Senator-elect Mike Rounds to move from merely cheering for the Surrender Caucus of gutless "Republicans" in Washington D.C. to officially joining their ranks.


On the the Behavior of the Family Heritage Alliance: An Open Letter

Bob Ellis

A couple of days ago, I sent this letter to the Family Heritage Alliance. Since the actions of FHA with which I take great exception were public, I am now making this letter public.


Freedom and Free Market say ‘No on 17′

Bob Ellis

Tomorrow, South Dakotans will go to the polls. Among the races and issues to be decided is one called Initiated Measure 17 which deals with the issue of in-network and out-of-network health care providers. It is being billed by supporters as a "patient choice" measure, and I suppose that is true. But like so many pieces of legislation that get government involved in the free market, it actually diminishes choice and freedom.


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Photo credit: ABF

The Assaults of Firecrackers, Murderers, and Odious Songs

Victor Sharpe

The Jewish faith has bestowed many wondrous divine blessings upon the world. Among them is, of course, the Sabbath day. It should be with a sense of horror and utter distress that the world should know that Muslim Arabs in Jerusalem deliberately and maliciously desecrate the peace on the eve of every Jewish Sabbath.


Confusing Divergence With Adherence

Bob Ellis

How can you defend Christianity when there are so many bad things from within Christendom? What about all the wars in which Christians have fought? What about all the TV preachers who have abused the trust of people who listen to them? What about all the evil and harmful things done by people who call themselves Christians?

Rapid City

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On the the Behavior of the Family Heritage Alliance: An Open Letter

Bob Ellis

A couple of days ago, I sent this letter to the Family Heritage Alliance. Since the actions of FHA with which I take great exception were public, I am now making this letter public.


WW2 soldiers will tell about crossing Bridge at Remagen


On Saturday, November 8, WW2 US Army soldiers Paul Priest and Bill Lofgren, along with military historian LTC George Larson (USAF ret), will visually present their experiences crossing the Bridge at Remagen, scene of horrific fighting at the Ludendorff Railway Bridge spanning the Rhine River. Sponsored by the Black Hills Veterans Writing Group, the presentation will take place at Western Dakota Technical Institute in Rapid City at 9 am.

U.S. Constitution - Yesterday & Today

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Constitution Not a Self-Enforcing Document

Michael Peroutka

The Constitution is not a self-enforcing document. Although the Constitution is the supreme law of our land and provides limits on the powers and authorities of our federal, state and local governments, its words cannot and will not leap off the page and enforce themselves. The common folk of America must be the champions of their own liberty.


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